Nigerian Housemates, Chris and Ola, leave the Big Brother House

Nigerian housemates, Chris and Ola, left the Big Brother StarGame House earlier today. In their diary session, Ola told Big Brother that after consultation with the house doctor, he would like to voluntarily exit the Big Brother House due to an escalating medical condition. And in accordance with the game rules governing the DownVille house, where contestants play as partners, Chris has also left the series.

According to M-Net and Endemol, while they are deeply saddened to see these two very entertaining housemates leave the game, they remain committed to ensuring the health and safety of the contestants and therefore understand and respect the housemates’ decision. Further they would like to thank both the contestants for their contribution to the show and their participation and wish them well for the future.



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4 Responses to "Nigerian Housemates, Chris and Ola, leave the Big Brother House"

  1. Edirin Robert Omoro says:

    this nor be gud news at all.

  2. henro nwabueze says:

    bros, health before money,i support u kanpe


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