Next Generation of Nigerian Photographers (1) – Ahamefula Ibeleme

Nigerians have a growing number of entrepreneurs, despite the situation faced by most young men and women after a graduate education; unemployment and poor pay being the major crippling factor in the future of Nigerian Youths.

Despite these set backs, Nigerian women and men want to be their own bosses, some may say that they have no choice considering the state of the country but young Nigerians today, dream about running their own businesses.

The Next generation of Nigerian Photographers is a GistUs exclusive interview series with young upcoming Nigerian photographers.

We will be starting with Ahamefula Ibeleme, a graduate of Geology from the Federal University of Technology Owerri and masters degree holder in GIS with Remote sensing, from the University of Greenwich, UK. Enjoy his work and read full exclusive interview below.

You are a Film maker and a Photographer; Tell us a bit about your world and how you mix both professions.

I’m a strong believer in the idea that life is beautiful as it is, and I’m fascinated about telling it’s stories visually either through photography or film. I started off making films and then dabbled into photography. I loved it, and kept at it. I make music videos and when I’m not shooting any, I fall back to photography. I am just amazed at how one can capture life’s amazing moments visually and that’s the driving force for me in these arts.

Did your educational qualifications assist you in any way?

No, not at all. I did pure science in school.

What is your day-to-day schedule like as a Photographer and Film maker?

It varies what I do on a day-to-day schedule. Some days I put in a lot of work, on some other days I’m more relaxed. It’s either I’m meeting with new clients, or I’m prepping for a video or photo shoot, or I’m actually shooting, or I’m editing. I’m doing one of these on any given day.

What inspired you to go into Art?

The beauty of it all I guess. Art to me, allows one to create an almost perfect illusion of what one wants the world to look like. That’s the power of art, be it in painting or film or photography etc. It gives you the power to make people see life as beautiful and perfect.

Where do you get your style from and do you have any role models in the Film and Photography Industry that inspire you?

Well, they say no Idea’s original. Everything I’m doing has been done before. I’ve developed a style over time as a photographer and film maker. I think it’s important that you find your identity in these forms of art. People should be able to see your work and recognize it easily. My film making role models range from Stanley Kubrick to Martin Scorcese, to Tony Scott, to The Coen brothers to name a few. In photography, my role models are Kelechi Amadi Obi, Scott Kelby, Jill Greenberg, Jeremy Cowart, Obi Somto, Joel Grimes to name a few.

What is the best part of covering a photo shoot?

The preparation and setup for the shoot itself for me is the best part.

Do you ever have time to mix business with pleasure?

Sometimes yes. When I get some down time, I get out and make the most of it.

What did you do to win the confidence of your first customer?

I think it was the professionalism and quality that they saw in my works that helped me win their confidence.

Who do you see yourself being as big as in the Film Industry?

Clarence Peters

Which of the two professions do you prefer?

Photography. It’s a lot less of a hassle

What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in Photography?

Try to find your own identity or signature as a photographer. Find your own niche and constantly push yourself to do even more.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

In the next ten years I see myself being a brand name to reckon with in the art industry


Ahamefuna Covers events like weddings, press conferences, Award shows, Music shows etc, if you love his work, then you can contact him directly for more details.

Contact Details

Address: Aham Ibeleme, 18 Ayoola awe street, Mafoluku, Lagos.

For booking and enquiries call: 08138943383


Twitter: JimiTones



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9 Responses to "Next Generation of Nigerian Photographers (1) – Ahamefula Ibeleme"

  1. Obum says:

    Thumbs up bro! I like your courage and style. You’re an inspiration.

  2. Obum says:

    Thumbs up bro! I like your courage and style. You’re an inspiration to the disoriented many.

  3. Obum says:

    Thumbs up bro! I like your courage and style. You’re an inspiration to the disoriented many. Wish you the very best. I still advice you don’t discard those grand educational qualifications. See if you could blend especially GIS with your art.

  4. Eziulo Ibe says:

    I love his creativity. Thumbs up.

  5. Oshireku Otokunrin says:

    Nice one


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