Food for thought: “Christian Universities in Nigeria for the Elite” by Uche Nwadike

Our religious leaders have certainly established the fact that education is a solid building block for a stable and successful future in a child’s life; they have gone as far as building Universities to physically state their point.

We applaud the congregation of these churches who offered their tithes, donations and weekly offering  to see this vision come to light; in turn expecting that their widows might pay off when their children can acquire a decent education through these schools. Not an unreasonable assumption I must add.

On the bright side, these universities have long been completed unlike most projects in Nigeria, the downside is you need to have bagged some cash to afford sending one child let alone two to the now termed ‘Nigerian Elite Universities‘. Here are a list of these universities and an approximate fee that you need to pay to attend.

1. BOWEN University owned and operated by a Baptist Convention, charges ₦650,000 as tuition fees per session.

2. COVENANT University established by  Bishop Oyedepo of Winners Chapel ₦640,000 as tuition fees per session.

3. BENSON IDAHOSA University charges ₦500,000 as tuition fees per session.

4. BABCOCK University established by The Seventh Day Adventist, charges  ₦450,000 as tuition fees per session.

5. REDEEMERS University owned by The Redeemed Christian Church of God , charges ₦450,000 as tuition fees per session.

6. AJAYI CROWTHER University established by The Supra diocesan board of the church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), charges ₦350,000per session.

7. MADONNA University a Catholic University charges ₦350,000 as tuition fees per session.

All of these universities were built from tithes and offerings of the people who now cannot afford to send their children there to study. Where has the moral of the church gone?

These schools were all built by the efforts of their congregations who kept sowing seeds; special offering seeds, first fruit seed, redemption seed, thanksgiving seed, harvest seed, tithes, pastor’s birthday seed, church building seed, evangelism seed, father’s day seed, mother’s day seed, children’s day seed, pastor’s cake seed, olive oil seed, insecticide seed, indomie seed, ground nut seed, miscellaneous seed, etc seed. These schools are now elite schools, only for the children of the rich. The gainers then use the proceeds to buy private planes and jets to fly up high in luxury while their members sleep hungry and next Sunday, they will read and preach Malachi 3:6-12. EYES ARE CRYING O…!!

This article was written by Uche Nwadike.



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25 Responses to "Food for thought: “Christian Universities in Nigeria for the Elite” by Uche Nwadike"

  1. Irish Queen says:

    N̶̲̥̅̊ǻ God hand we D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ º°˚˚˚°h

  2. christie nwadike says:

    They preach and blame government and politicians but they are the worst.

  3. christie nwadike says:

    They preach and blame the government but they are the worst. They will quote the bible and tell you that it is sinful if you do not tithe

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ok, all of you have spoken

    Well, even though you all have made your point. I’d take you all on a rational journey; join me if you please.
    – These churches saw the need for a change in our absolutely ridiculous educational system and did something about it. They didn’t just sit there to complain and join the growing list of towncriers in the society. They took a very bold step. It’s not easy to run a university, in case you people don’t know

    – These people whom you say gave tithes, etc were not forced into giving. They had a choice to give or not to!!! Every man acts according to his/her faith.

    – Most of these private universities give bursaries and offer scholarship opportunities to the less privileged. Open your eyes, do your research and you’d find out that there are loads of opportunities. I know a girl who attended Covenant University and didn’t pay a dime for all through her 4 year programme

    – You say they built the schools with tithes and offerings. How about those other churches who collect similar amounts every Sunday and do nothing with it. Some have no scheme which gives back to the society. The churches who do their bit should be applauded and not criticised

    – At the end of the day, no school can take on the entire population of Nigeria. There always would have to be a way of cutting down the number of students they can take on if not the resources would not be sufficient

    – What you should be doing is questioning the private universitites that charge these amounts and don’t reflect this in the university. For example, has anyone been to Madonna @ all, they charge N350,000/session and the place looks absolutely dreadful. On the other hand, visit Covenant University and see how infrastructures are being built daily, labs are being maintained, students are being enlightened. The system works, there’s a world class library, stable power supply, decent accommodation, exceptional lecturers, I can go on and on.

    – Do you know what it costs to run a university? If you don’t, then look at federal universities such as UNILAG and see how stretched the resources they have are. The reason they admit more students than the lecture hall can fit is cuz they need more money and even with that, how much do they charge? Lets face facts… How do you expect an institution to run properly when students pay a little over N30,000/session. Do the maths

  5. Anonymous says:

    By the way, why isn’t the muslim university mentioned, Crescent University, which was set up by the Islamic Mission for Africa (IMA) in 2005 charges about N500,000 a session. Why haven’t you mentioned them in the article

  6. Titi says:

    Anonymous you do have a point but first the article is tagged ‘Christian Universities’ so that’s probably why the Muslim university was not mentioned.

    We don’t dispute the fact that the give our scholarships, the question what is what percentage of the students are on scholarship. It is true that giving is optional but in this case they should have mentioned to the congregation before hand that the school would be pretty expensive that way they would have been able to make a better decision and probably put their money somewhere else.

    They definitely saw a chance to change a ridiculous but is the situation changed? The problem with our education system is two things, quality of the education and fees. Now the quality of Education of these schools are still questionable and the second bit fees, is10 times more the regular fees in most Universities. So have they really solved the problem?

    The point isn’t that the schools are not well built or that the students are not getting enlightened or that the teachers are not absolutely fantastic, the point is the kind of students who are attracted to the school compared to the masses. You need to have made an investment to understand what it feels like when the investment does not come through.

    The church is there for the poor, less privileged and oppressed. We have public school and private schools, the church should be in the middle in my opinion. Not to expensive and not to cheap.

  7. Titi says:

    Do you know what, let’s do the maths sweetheart. let use Bowen University
    Let’s pretend the school has only 4000 full paying student in the whole school yr 1 to 4 which is impossible because they would be more. 4000*650,000=N2,600,000,000 (2.6billion) a session at the end of 2sessions 12months i.e N2.6B *2 = N5.5B.

    Lets pretend the university has 100 lectures which they don’t and they are paid N500,000 a month ie 500,000* 100=N50,000,000 ie annual salary for 100 lectures is N50M*12=N600,000,000 (N600M)

    University will spend to maintain the school and feeding the students, paying cleaners and security.

    Since they spend N600M to pay lecturers, the can not spend the remaining N4.9B on these things surely. you do the maths.

    They are religious leaders becauses people look up to them so we can not be comparing them to other private schools.

  8. Anonymous says:


    True but regarding your calculations

    There’s a whole lot more involved in running a university. Electricity, water, hospital/clinic, etc. I don’t know much about Bowen but I can speak authoritatively for one university, which is Covenant University because I spent 4 years of my life there.
    – Electricity was stable (we had power supply nearly 24 hours a day) I’m sure you don’t want to know how much it cost to fuel the generators that ensured this. Diesel isn’t cheap.
    – Water (I don’t remember any particular time when we turned open our taps to shower and had to wait a second for water)
    – Our labs, lecture halls, classrooms, etc were well maintained throughout my stay. Do you realise how much it costs to buy some of these lab equipments. They are really expensive.
    – Our library was world class and was well stocked with books (local and international) and were easily accessible by students and lecturers.
    – There’s so much I can’t begin to tell you. I’m not by any means saying that they spend all the money earned from tuition on the day-to-day running cost of the university but I can authoritatively say that for any university to function @ world class standard, 5 billion naira is nothing.

    • Titi says:

      You are right electricity might take a large chunk but water? all they need is a bore whole now you don’t drill that twice. once its there, its there you just need electricity to pump and circulate, the lab equipments halls classrooms etc have been built already they may only need to be maintained after a number of years. the fact is these things have already been built and they were not built on credit.

      If the churches were paying off a bank loan then they can charge that much to pay it off but the aren’t. Beside they will be buying diesel and stuff in large quantity so they get a discount and if it is a church member supplying them you can be assured it will be well discounted.

      5 billion was just based on 4000 students the university will have way more than than they could have 15000 student so imagine how much that is.

      Read my comment again, you didnt understand it

    • Titi says:

      Again you don’t need that to function at world class standards, there are world class universities whose tuition are free for local and international students and Nigeria with all the labs, lecture halls, classrooms isn’t ranking anywhere close.

      And please don’t say with time, you have paid all that money for a school that is not recognised outside the country and is still struggling to gain a stand in Nigeria.

    • PRINCEJOE says:

      Anonymous..Thanks for your write up.

  9. Penuel chamba says:

    The issue of private jet should not come please,your article deserve serious attention if truely they are willing to help they should seriously consider the less priviledge.

  10. dayyor says:

    just stumbled on this while searching for my sch
    just to give the facts
    Bowen students pay 520,000
    520,000* 4000(students) = 2,080,000,000
    (don’t still think were up to that )
    for 2 sessions =4,160,000,000
    professors salary for 2 years ( 20) =154000000
    normal lecturers= lets just say 1 billion ( 2 years )
    includes lab assistants cleaners drivers manual laborers and all
    not to talk about the high ranking admin staff (not included in that package )
    payment of light bills ( depends on PHCH )
    fuel ( about 3 to 4 tankers per month ) dont know how much that cost ( getting it form a church member or not there’s a fixed price )
    now the staff members expect allowances
    maintenance of existing structures
    and there’s BUTH ( Bowen university teaching hospital) God knows how much medical equipments cost ( lets not forget were a developing university and this just got accredited so i imagine we got them on a loan and are paying steadily)
    payments of Doctors at BUTH ( paying doctors to say in a private hospital no be beans ooo )
    ha before i forget the new buildings that are been made
    new labs , new hostels
    the road and there the list goes ( jeez were still using the 4,160,000,000 )
    students get scholarships
    baptist students get discount form the fees
    and all the bills you need to pay to keep a school afloat .
    Bowen university came up with a challenge to raise 6.7 billion naira
    if every baptist member in the country pays 1000 a year we would be
    there in two years.
    once all the structures are one ground and the schools are well grounded
    you would notice a change in the fees
    not to be sarcastic or anything but the tithes are pastors salary not sch development fees
    and even if your church told u to give to the sch be sincere how much would you give
    schools have due process the follow the fees are based on the current situation of the school
    yes the fees are expensive but for the cause its not expensive
    Before your judge look at it from both side
    im a student of the sch hearing the fees itself makes me shiver but when i think
    about it the fees kind of justifies itself and my dad is not a politician before someone starts one me we are average citizens but he too has reviewed it and thinks its worth it .

    • PRINCEJOE says:

      Please there are several options out there.One can still get cheaper ones out there. Don’t blame the churches that set it up, blame the inflation in this country. Have you considered that. Have you considered the cost of everything. Let talk of just diseal only. How much worth of it do you think such a place consume daily. Secondly who told you the tuition is even 520k or higher in BOWEN . Do your research, don’t just write and for your information other things are included in the package.. Like hotel, internet, health services, library etc. Consider going to your so called cheap school, pay small tuition fees, pay for good accommodation that should be up to 200k depending on the area, transport fares daily to school of like 200 Naija multiply by one year and you will understand.finally when strikes come, they can last up to one year. The fact is that these private universities are cheaper in the long run if you do your calculations well and for crying out loud.. They’ve got standard. I have a kid in one of them and I know what am saying. I believe your write up is just based on research. The only thing am suggesting is that they make their payments flexible.. Like paying three times. So far BOWEN is great .Publish this we you really love feedback

  11. PRINCEJOE says:

    Meant hostel not hotel

  12. PRINCEJOE says:

    **if you

  13. PRINCEJOE says:

    Uche Nwannem nwanyi oburo ka isi che ka odi


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