Ngozi Ezeonu – Biography

Full Name: Ngozi Ezeonu

Place of origin: Ogbunike, Anambra state, Nigeria

Parents: Mr and Mrs D.O Ikpelue

Date of Birth: 23rd of May, 1965

Marriage Status: Married

Children: 4


Languages: English, Igbo


Occupation: Actress



Ngozi has six other siblings, five of who are males. Her first paying job was as a hair-stylist before she did a diploma course in Journalism. The beautiful actress practiced journalism for a short while before joining Nollywood in 1993. She was given a supporting lead role in her first movie titled ‘Nneka, The Pretty Serpent’. She had her break through with the movie ‘Glamour Girls’. Since then, she has featured in over 150 movies. She is married with kids.

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  • Kelvin Kelechi

    Hi Aunty Ngozi!
    As you Celebrate this Special Day in your Life and head into your Brighter Future, remember that You Rock!

    There is No One quite like you!

    You are Valuable and Magnificent and you bring something completely
    Unique and Wonderful to everything you do (whether you realize it or not)!

    I just wanted to remind you of how amazing you are…

    I just want to appreciate you for all the Marvelous Job you’re doing for humanity! May God continue to Enlarge and Prosper your work(Amen).

    May God Bless Your Birthday Aunty ‘Engee’

    You ROCK!

    Kelvin Kelechi Ukaegbu


  • http://non valentine

    I love u so much, i want to be lyk u 2m bt do nt no d ryt sos to join i lv u. Valentine Akunne 4rm ur state

  • http://Blessing You are such a great woman
  • Dera agbo

    Ngozi l hate u in ur movie because u act as a wicked woman in every movie u play and u are too beautiful 4 that.

    • stainless

      dera watch your tongue knw that u r refering to my mum, hw can u say such a thing to her she played the role that was giving to her k reserve your compliment now cos am here.

      • ella

        save your breath my dear stainless i dont think that punk really watch her movies.

      • Jay

        Lol dude or chick. I’m sorry to break the news, but she isn’t your mother. WTF? I’m glad the Google search engine directed me to this blog page. And to think that later you would go about bragging about it. She could be your mother in imaginary terms, but obviously not your mother in biological terms. Take it from someone who in fact came out of her womb.

  • http://24july2012 I lv u.i wish i wil be like u

    Ngozi ezeonu.

  • stainless

    mum i pray that God will continue to bless you

    • Jay

      Lol dude or chick. I’m sorry to break the news, but she isn’t your mother. WTF? I’m glad the Google search engine directed me to this blog page. And to think that later you would go about bragging about it. She could be your mother in imaginary terms, but obviously not your mother in biological terms. Take it from someone who in fact came out of her womb.

  • yamundow

    yes seriously watch da way u talk don u hav manners 4 yr elders in almost of her movies she is charmin lovely happy and sweet and u i hope u hav respect 4 yr family cuz if u do u won be soundin lik dis and remember dat she has fans and we are here to arrest peace as she always wants so lousy ppl plz wach dat hole u call a mouth aleast use itt 4 something more sensible say or write

  • Moses Ekanem

    God will continue to guide and lead you and your family throughout your life on earth. Please Madam let Jesus Christ be all for you, kindly summit your life to him and lay your trust and hope on him alone. Train your children in the way of the Lord. Thanks, God bless you in Jesus name . Amen

  • Anonymous

    I lyk wen u act at d palace az aqueen.kip rocking

  • Ngozi ezeonu i lyk har way of actin i wich i wl one day be lyk har
  • Indeed u ar great I luv u as my mum


  • Aduba chuma

    Ngozi, how you dey and your children we were in your house about 15 yrs ago along side my elder brother Augustus Aduba, how is madam GO SLOW YOUR MUM extend our greetings. LIZZY,AUGUSTUS, CHUMA

  • joseph emepini

    ma, am so hapi 4 u. Hw wish i hav a sponsorer, i would hv lyk 2 b lyk u.

  • Miracle EME

    Keep on steping forward GOD ALMIGHTY will GUARD AND PROTECT U

  • Angel

    Ngozi Ezeonu is a great woman nd my birthmate too, i lik her so much especialy wen she acted as a nice person in movie

  • dami

    she is beautiful

  • Anonymous

    I heard that ngozi ezeonu is nt married. Am suprised to hear again that she have 6 childern

  • i wish u the best of this world and many more year ahead for u and your family.

    God bless u!u are the best of women i have ever seen out there in your world.thks for high moral conducts.

  • okehielam chika mma

    I love actin a lot,I’ve featured I 3 movies but none of d movies is out,I’m very talented,I wish u can help,thanks

  • Anty Ngozi,u luk sweet an beautiful.But pls dear u need ur hubby an children pls!
  • Anonymous

    Ngozi, you are beautiful always! How are you and your family doing, hope all is well? Hope you still remember one Charity from Awka-Etiti? You can call me on 08161149695. Take care and my regards to your family!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

  • CEO

    Lol mam, u are really pretty, God bless u

  • Nnamdi

    she is a diva, I’m proud of her, her role in movie is Educating.

  • http://irenennaji irene nnaji

    Ngozi u ar wonderful & a gd mother I like ur roles.God ll u & ur family.Amen

  • Tina egwakhe

    She is my role model.

  • Ify

    I heard u were single not married

    • Philip Ali Wheast

      Keep moving forward

    • glory

      u re a wodafu woman so pretty i’m hapi for u

    • http://Googlesearch Ohimai juliet

      U re really an epitome of beauty ma’am,i wish i can see u in person.

    • Lauretta onyebuchi

      Iluv u so much ma u are my roll model

    • ALOZie ijeoma babara

      I dnt no how to express my feelings I love ur acting style dats just me ma ma

    • Joy Adhis from kenya

      u r my hero mama

    • vivian james

      ma u’re so beautiful, gud wrk n keep it up!

    • Nwajiri gift

      Keep it on my preity mum

    • Big mummy i luv ur style, plz keep it up, d gud lord wil continue to be strengthing u in Jesus name AMEN…
    • nillicious johnson

      U always looking good my mentor keep it up I love u n I prey God grand your hrt desires.


      I love her so much.she is more than 1in a million keep it on.

    • keziah ayuba

      i love watchin her movie she’s one in a million

    • okwose favour

      Ngozi Ezeonu u are really a beautiful woman.i love u

    • philile

      Ngozi is such a beauty and a star. I like to watch most of her movies coz she always brings heat to the scenes she plays.I love her even though she plays devilish in most movies but I always understand that its not the real Ngozi who’s devilish but its that character she plays at that particular time.I’m a Zulu by race, the word Ngozi means “danger”, but thanks she’s not dangerous.SHINE NGOZI SHINE!

    • philile

      Ngozi you r six months younger than me but u hev gone far extrea miles in life and you hev achievd a lot.congratulations ngozi we love you here in south africa, kwazulu natal.if u happen to come down here plz bring some of yo nigerian attires here we love yo prints frm nigeria.keep shining ngozi.Philille ngema from Durban-INANDA,Kwazulu natal.

    • she is so cute dedicated and above all royalty
    • Kip it up big mummy

      Keep it up big mummy and God bless u

    • Wat a beauty
    • Anonymous

      u are wonderful

    • Nworie Victor

      Realy Ngozi is a beautiful lady, she is fine, just as my mum is,

    • U ar indeed a queen.pls u look very innocent nd charming stop playing wicked role.i don’t knw y i can’t endure seing u play wicked role concindering d fact its jst a movie.I must recomend u ar truly an idol among a regiment keep it up.
    • http://Nil DON IK

      She is very beautifully ok! I wish I could have an affairs with her just to boost my ego, so that the world will know that I did that.

    • Gift Samuel

      I love u so much an ur acting u r very beautiful mum.

    • http://google Beauty ogunseyi

      i love u vri much i wise u r my mum.

    • http://google Beauty ogunseyi

      i love u so much i wise u r my mum.

    • I love you, ezeonu the beautiful queen.
    • Ruth

      She is a nice woman

    • Anonymous

      wht a beautiful mother i luv u mum

    • http://08033285558 Onyii Ezeuduji

      Ngozi is the best, amoung all the actress i like watching her movies. Bravo!!!!!

    • blessing

      i luv everytin abt her

    • jummy

      u ar d bst….lov u

    • Essy Okoronkwo

      u re wonderfull. I luv u

    • http://Films I lv ur roles in movies and i want to be like u


    • mercy Erobomhan

      she is d best,

    • mercy Erobomhan

      she is d best, i love d way she act especally if she act d role of a queen

    • Nice woman n good charater (A.G.N)

      Edu ngige ugwus

    • rechael ekua amo

      Mama ngozi I luv u. U are beautiful n nyc

    • uche okonye

      i love u mr’ss ngozi God bless you.

    • juliet

      i like ur acting

    • Gift from benue state

      U r my role model, and a precious woman indeed. God bless u.

    • She’s gorgeous and best mother actress(especially Queen mother)
    • angel anto

      mama u are the best no mater what,i love u swt mama.

    • Geraldine

      I dislike some of her movie

    • Is so lovelly, and so sexy. Infact i love Ngozi ezeonu so much.


    • http://Hasnowebsite Mkpurunchi david

      I really luv ur style

    • janney grace

      you r my favourite

    • I Luv U Aunty Ngozi


    • sophia cruz

      i love nd i really wats 2 be lik u,u are d best

    • egbuna ifeoma

      u ar so beautiful

    • pearl

      u re so swit dear madam

    • pearl

      u re so swit dear madam,nd i love ur roles so much,u re jst lyk ma mum.

    • Okerke chioma u

      Helo ma, i so much luv u n ur acting. Wil luv 2 meet u one day. Luv u

    • My swit moda n friend, i do lv u

      Gudness ahaoma

    • Okechuku promise

      Why did u live u marriage

    • she is just a good woman in nollywood
      • http://Geogle Chukwura chisom

        I lyk u becos am also born on may (HBD)

      • Comfort

        H.b.d our big mama wishin u many more yrs ahead

      • ehi ena destiny bright

        happy birthday to u wishing u all d good things life can offer without stress and long life in good health and wealth



      • http://Presh@noble Presh


      • Okonkwo vivian

        All of people wants to bring her down by saying that she is lesbian.but i know that the lord is her strenght

      • Lagony

        Very interesting, my wife looks just like you. Very beautiful indeed.

      • Kenneth

        I love you as my mother hope to see you one day and act with you as a son

      • Nworahu nkechi

        I love u…u r so wonderfull

      • Smart cee

        Too luv ur moviez…u re my best

      • May god heal nd add many more yrs nd may u live to celebrate ur great moment amen
      • Anonymous

        i love ur creativity mummy wish to role with u one day

      • http://youItoomuchmadamagonzi kelvin Tamakloe


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      • onwuka ebere

        u re my role model, i luv ur movies. Keep it up!

      • maureen ogechi johnson

        she is a good actress.i always like 2 watch her movies,in all her roles she plays,she performs the characters of a good mother,i luv u,keep it up.

      • Ebylight

        She is indeed an actress

      • phina

        i love u so much

      • Bbale justine

        Love u

      • Edna

        I lv seein u in a movie, whether u art wicked part or not, am just as u re & i use 2 tel people dat wen i marry i wil realy luk much as u. but one tin i beg is 4 u 2 stop tremin down so dat u wil stil maintain ur pretty sharp, pls stop reducin i lv u

      • juliet

        U always look very pretty, and u are very good in your career.

      • http://Plscontactmewit08064177250 Mrs ngozi ezeonu am of ur fans, pls i need ur help by making me 2 becom an actor and jion nollywood.tnkx and remain blessed


      • solomon chima

        goodmorning miss ngozi eseonu

      • ifybekee

        mummy you look good, i love everything about you.

      • onuoha nkiruka cynthia

        love her,i want her help

      • http://Google Eliy

        Pls mum i want 2 become a big arctist like u.

      • http://Google Eliy

        Pls mum i want 2 become a big actist like u. This is my no. 07034836142

      • dirisu constantine

        I love you too much oooo!!!!

      • CHISOM precious

        I think she deserve more aword in d industry,becos she is d best.And she is also an idol

      • onyenma Fulfil

        i luv d way u dress wen u are on set

      • Donatus

        Madam ngozi ezeonu. I recommend u 4 ur good work in the industry pls keep it up ,sky is ur limitand good god will see u true, bye.

      • Chy baby

        I really appreciate ur acting, Keep it up. May God strength u n give u more wisdom to perform.

      • mercy udoh

        Beautiful woman of after 4 I admire u,d way u act n ur dresses. Am ur birth mate. I was born on may 23rd. Love u.u r my role model.

      • Anonymous

        I admire u a lot

      • blessing okonwor

        happy birth day super mum i wish u all the best in life and many years to come

      • http://08135625308 Hw i wish i av a sponsorer i wuld av b lyf u.

        Many more yrz

      • God shd blez u so dat u be a blezing to Africa
      • Mrs. Ifeoma Meregini

        Antie plz get in touch

      • http://08133739959 U ar so beautiful dear d God almight didn’t make any mistake when creating u.i love the movies u acted

        Enugu state

      • May God gv u strienght 2 do more. PRAYER FOR YOU (1) You will find favour with someone you dont expect. Amen. (2) You will be too relevant to be ignored, Amen. (3) You will encounter GOD and will never remain the same,…Amen. (4) The grace for completion
      • http://Good Where is her husband
      • http://facebook mirabel cherish patrick

        Ngozi U are 1 in a million, I wish 2 be like U. I appreciate U.

      • E, Chidi

        U ar beautiful.



      • http://From,ABA;AbiaState My swit Addirable Mother.UP nd a BIGGER HIGHER TO YOU. But;Please,help me to improve my GOD giving Talent. [am highly in need of it] AGED–18 YRS OLD

        Fslc,Ssce,Nce,Diploma in Computer Traning
        And other hoping Certificate.

      • ometere

        u now luk ugly wit ur jugal exposed

      • ometere

        u now luk ugly wit ur jugal exposed, hu rily did ds to you

      • Xerxes

        To the shameless ones who think she aint married and she’s seeking unnecessary attention. Leave her alone folks. The power of youth!

      • I love you mum.bravo


      • PTA Annie

        I call u baby cos u r still lovely, d only tin i want 4rm u is to forgive husby ngo back 2 him if u r convinced he still loves u. marriage is very sweet at old age , pls…..sssss.

      • the role she plays in the movie is not like a family woman.
      • Anonymous


      • Amobi ken

        i wat 2 jion bf

      • Anonymous

        ilove ur shape now

      • Ezeobidi obinna

        GOD has giving you a great talent,keep it up,you are my best actress,GOD bless you

      • faith

        ur my role model

      • charlesesume

        Keep it on ,I like the way u art

      • http://08035689553 Blessing

        Please,i want to be an actress.i wont let u donw i promis.


        I like mama Ngozi very much. Am frm uganda

      • Marvellous

        she acts pretty well

      • http://Ok U are d best queen


      • Gloria

        Waoo dats very good of ha

      • http://angelcynthia70 U ar my best actress,lv uuuu!

        Ngozi ezeonu

      • Emma Teresa

        Hi, Ngozi i am Emma Teresa from Kenya u are my best and favorite actor in Nigeria, i cant miss any of your movies, what has amazed me today as i was going through your biography is that we share the same month birthday and that your birthday date is on the eve of mine, what a coincidence. I love you Ngozi you are my mentor mum!!!!

      • Philips Ndubuisi

        She is a veteran actor i appreciate alot..moreso,she is a pride of Igbo nation,,we love N.EZEONU

      • Doris chenny

        U r a great actress.ts wel wit u.wishn u al d best

      • El vis Benedict

        Hi Ngo, u are a great Artest.

      • kate

        u re lukin very sweet ma, i love all ur movies.

      • http://Facebook Am Ann

        I love u nd ur role

      • Wiseboy

        Nyc wowan

      • Anonymous


      • http://google Bridget

        I like her because she is responsIble

      • Blessing

        I like d way u art nd d role u play in movies. Keep it up

      • Mr. Daniel Anyamele

        I had sh don’t have a baby and she is single please confirm by mail am interested in her doe am just 31 but that is my type of woman I can’t do with the young they are too spoild. Contact: phone:+22898469850 skype:shedydeal :facebook Da magnificent. I await your contact.

      • sis v south africa

        i love her and jenivive, mercy and muna, thier actress and an actor, man thier real not pretenders

      • http://nil Jane

        God Blessed u ma

      • chika edith

        God bless u n keep up d good wrk

      • Scalar

        NG is always luking young and beautiful.

      • I am realy jealous of ur beauty maa. Every time i on our tv nd see actin as a queen ma heart wil be filled wit joy. God realy took His time to create u in such a way dat if sum1 sets his or her eyes on u, witout wastin time wil tel u dat u ar beautiful. B
      • She is good

        She de good i like her she is like a mumm to me thank you ma.

      • Ngozi Ezeonu is not yet married

        Davidson @ yahoo ,co

      • Mummy re a gud woman,,am proud of u ok


      • david joseph

        Iam humble and fear of God

      • awamba samuel

        well, ure unique

      • Anonymous

        I love this lovely lady I wish she is my wife.

      • http://Belossi@belossi.comm I love ngozi ezeonu i wish i will be like her i am a child of 14 yrs i will like to be an actress i wish my dream will come true


      • I love ngozi ezeonu i wish i will be like her i am a child of 14 yrs i will like to be an actress i wish my dream will come true tj8pgmw


      • jennifer okonkwo

        am your big fan and am from your village azu ogunike and i love ur movies

      • nyasha makwavarara

        i like this lady,she is neat and dresses herself well when acting

      • She so beautful…


      • mrs Johnson

        i luv so much,i wish i will be like u.

      • amara

        I really love your acting u are so special 2 me

      • http://Ogonnashantel Nne u are indeed an epitome of beauty

        Ogonna shantel @yahoo . Com

      • http://iheonunekwu.jennifernkiruka@facebook Anonymous


      • I lov her movie bt i hate some especially dat of “painful soul wit mercy johnson

      • Asanda Madikane

        I luv every single movie of Ngozi, u are my role model thanks for bieng a good mom on the tv

      • nellyruth

        she’s truely a Model 4 d young ones. I Love her movies.

      • nellyruth

        she’s truely a Model 4 d young ones. I Love her movies. she’s d best of her kind 4 mi, alwz serious on screen. I Admire her alot. Kudos Mam’

      • amara

        but rumor says u re nt married

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      • fikie

        Like u somuch,whenever I watch ur movies I see a very good mother and a perfect wife to ur hubbie

      • Ayawo Christabel

        Have always admired the fair actress, used to be an actress till i got married. Interestingly I want know her better cos I share Birthday with her. It is a rare date, u know.

      • Maureen Onaho

        Ure indeed a rare gem my role model

      • Melody

        U look good i like ur style

      • iloh ada

        nogzie i like ur act, u v to give ward, dnt b offend people r say dat u nt married is ture. Be4 i nt no u can act wicked flim, i no u as a gud mother

      • kamsy obi

        Keep it up ma ma

      • george

        i love her so much