‘The Loub Job’ – What women go through to wear high heels

I was reading an article in a weekly magazine recently and came across ‘The Loub Job.’ I’m sure you’re all wondering what the hell it means. Well, I’d explain. Basically, a lot of women have been heading to surgeons for a new procedure dubbed ‘Loub job,’ – the phrase was inspired by Christian Louboutin’s skyscraper heels.

Christian Louboutin’s 8 inches stiletto pumps

The process involves having your toes, heels, and balls of your feet injected with dermal fillers, which allows you walk comfortably in heels. This procedure is designed to relieve foot pain.

Shoe designer, Christian Louboutin

Here’s a real life story of someone who went through this procedure. It cost £350 (about N90,000).

I’m a self-confessed heel-aholic and first started thinking about having a Loub job about a year ago when I started getting excruciating pain in the balls and heels of my feet. I work in fashion retail and I’m rushing around all day, so its important I’m dressed fashionably, which means finishing my outfit with one of my 40 pairs of heels. I couldn’t bear to give up my stilettos completely, so a friend suggested trying the new procedure, which promised to take away the strain from my feet.
I finally took the plunge in the run-up to Christmas, when I knew I’d be on my feet a lot, and paid £350 to have it done at a local cosmetic surgery clinic. Although getting the injection was very painful, the procedure took less than an hour. But the pain didn’t last long either and within a week I was in my favourite shoes again. I even bought a pair of 6-inch heels to celebrate! If you think don’t like needles, then think twice about having the operation but for me, it was worth it. I can’t ever imagine being heel-free!’

I’d love to read what you think about this. Would you have the Loub Job or stick with flat shoes or 2-3inch heels. I know what I’d choose, what about you?



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