Denrele’s ideal woman must be neat, slim, have long legs, love wearing heels…

TV personality, Denrele Edun revealed the characteristics of his ideal woman in an interview with Punch Newspaper. If you want to stand a chance of being his lucky Mrs, then verifying yourself against this list might help. You’ve still got some time, as he’s not ready for marriage yet. We recommend you view his pictures again, before reading the following conditions about his future Mrs. (in his own words)

  • “She has just got to have a flat tummy.”
  • “She has just got to have long legs.”
  • “She has just got to have a slim figure.”
  • “I need a woman who will like me for who I am: a weirdo.”
  • “I need a woman who will not try to change me because she will never succeed.”
  • “She must be neat.”
  • “She must be the type that wears clean underwear.”
  • “She must be ready to wear high-heeled shoes all the time like me.”
  • “The woman I will say, “Yes I do” to must not be afraid to flaunt her sexuality.”
  • “I mean, if a man doesn’t look at my lady, there is something wrong somewhere. So, she must be a head turner.”
  • She must be able to cook because I like good food.
  • “Importantly, the lady that I will give the wedding ring should have a wild streak because I wake up every morning with a loud shout.” I expect my ideal woman to do the same.”
  • “I like my woman to have a reading habit. She must be in love with books.”
  • “She should be able to talk because I am a chatterbox.”

Hmmm, na wa for this list!!!



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9 Responses to "Denrele’s ideal woman must be neat, slim, have long legs, love wearing heels…"

  1. Kany says:

    Hope he has enough moni for the bride price of the woman because that list na die.

  2. Anony says:

    I guess he wants a wo(man) just like him :)

  3. karina says:

    i just adore everything about this dude! he is just an amazing testimony to the fact that life is indeed good. keep doing good Denrele.

  4. Adekoya Adedimeji Alucks says:

    I want to find out eader derele have town too gay

  5. Yiolokun Eli Ay says:

    I think so my sister, lol!


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