Birthday Wishes: Nollywood Actress & Model Susan Peters turns 32 today

Nigerian actress, successful model, interior designer and beauty salon owner, ‘Susan Peters’ turns 32 today. As part of the activities to mark the day, the gorgeous actress is coming out with her look book- a collection of all her fabulous red-carpet moments, capturing the elegance, sophistication, taste and style of the actress. Susan has paraded the red-carpet dressed in many exclusive designer wears and luxurious accessories. Her appearance is classy, posh and special. The look book is to inspire young women on how best to fit into a desired appearance and how to rock their body and assets.

Susan is also holding a once-in-a-lifetime auction event where her beautiful red-carpet dresses would be auctioned at reduced prices for her fans and the general public. It’ll be a first in the entertainment industry in Nigeria and Susan Peters will be known to have set a trend as a fashion inspiration in the country, and moving beyond! Susan’s fabulous wardrobe of red-carpet memorabilia will be auctioned on the 30th of May, 2012, and proceeds will be going to charity.

Susan recently set up a foundation for children in the part of the country where  her heart lives – Benue state. Her “Benue Pikin” Initiative is a non-government organisation charged with the humanitarian responsibility of meeting the immediate needs of children in that region. It provides support for children and adults alike who are suffering from asthma and diabetes.  Such help include the provision of necessary medical attention, emotional and financial support.

Happy Birthday Susan Peters we wish you a wonderful day.



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  1. Shansline Bongakaii says:

    happy birthday Sussy, enjoy your world.


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