Big Brother Stargame: Goldie’s meltdown

Goldie broke down in tears yesterday in the BBA House after another housemate, Prezzo, told her they were ‘just good friends’. Goldie sat on his bed with tears streaming down her face repeating over and over again “just good friends, just good friends,” while shaking her head. She later went to her own bed and continued to cry. She screamed, vomited and almost choked on her own puke. At a point she was gasping for air and struggling to breathe. She was devastated that someone called her ‘just good friends’?



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12 Responses to "Big Brother Stargame: Goldie’s meltdown"

  1. vee says:

    Its like her stuff has been itching all d puking n choking is to seek attenion. She shuldnt commit suicide o with her long lashes like my hair. :)

  2. yelash says:

    i laugh in tongues……seriously goldieee

  3. Titi says:

    The poor girl is lonely….congie fever!!

  4. Ebele says:

    Goldie abeg u dey fall my hand, and its beginnin to piss me off,pls get busy and start writing songs dre or sumtin dan wastin ur tears,,,,,,guess uve got loads f dem in ur eyes

  5. sunny says:

    Goldie, am one of ur best fan I base in lag scul in benue state…..but am very disappointed in you, how could you cry just be cost of some one who feel top of the world to turn you down…. Have u forgoting dat u are a start, there are lot of men out there who will go trough all the pain to have, 4get about, the problem I have you celebrIties is you always want men who is loaded with cash, bt dat all bullshit, there are other men out there if they are not your type, you can connect them to become your level okkk????? Pls don’t cry again, it hurt me when read dis,

  6. Tsitsi Leo Mungoshi says:

    Forget the massai warrior he is not worth it.


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