Big Brother Stargame Eviction: Angola’s Seydou and Esperanca Voluntarily Leave the House

Angola’s Seydou and Esperanca are finally leaving StarGame for good. The Angolan duo are the second pair to voluntarily leave the Big Brother StarGame; the Nigerian duo of Chris and Ola had to leave due to Ola’s health condition.

After dilly-dallying for weeks, the Angolan duo eventually agreed to disagree and left the show. Though Seydou was not keen on leaving, Esperanca was adamant that she wanted to leave as soon as possible.

“I feel sorry for my partner and I wish things would be different. I’m stressed out, depressed and I am not going to put my health in danger,” Esperanca explained.

An evidently furious Seydou expressed how unfair Esperanca is and threatened that

“It will be chaos out there,” as he walked out of the Diary Room.

His recently acquired love interest, Talia was inconsolable as Seydou said his goodbyes. She too couldn’t stop cursing at Esperanca.

This means that 12 Housemates have left Downville in three weeks with only two, Zainab and Maneta.



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