Dana Air official Claims they were forced to fly the faulty plane

Dana Air Official Confirms in an Interview that they were forced to fly the faulty plane

An official of Dana Airlines who does not want to be named has just confirmed to Channels Television that the ill-fated Dana Air flight 0992, MC Donnell Douglas (MD 83) was faulty shortly after it left Lagos and stopped over in Calabar.

She alleged that the Indian owners of the airline threw caution to the wind and insisted that the plane must fly in a bid to maximise profit, thereby sending the plane over to Abuja to pick passengers, when it should have being returned to Lagos for further repair.

She also claimed the flight has had persistent history of faults with its hydraulics in recent times and it was not supposed to have flown.

According to the official, “the plane has being giving faults for a very long time. There was a case when it was on ground in Uyo for over six hours, because of delayed flight, it had a bolt. And then in Abuja it happened a few days ago, then some people went with the aircraft but they could not come back, because it had a fault there and it couldnt leave Abuja.”

“The same engineers that fixed it and then they sent crew to bring it with passengers to Lagos.”

Confirming that the plane that crashed on Sunday, was not supposed to leave Lagos at all, the Dana official stated that “yesterday, it (Dana Air flight 0992) was not supposed to leave Lagos at all, but it left and then got to Calabar, gave fault and it was fixed and then they took it to Abuja, when they should have returned to Lagos but because they didn’t want to part with the little money they will make, they took it to Abuja, loaded full passengers, and then it couldn’t get to Lagos. ”

“It has being having faults over time, continously, hydraulics or one thing or the other. That airfcraft kept having problems and they were not ready to park it” she alleged.

She added that the management of the airline does not return airfcrafts with faults back to the station, as it should have, but “they make it complete its normal route to where ever it is supposed to go before they bring it back to Lagos” she said.

Also, the Special Adviser, Technical to Minister of Aviation, Mr. Victor Oche Elias, has revealed that the pilot of the ill-fated plane, had alerted the aviation authority of the airport, on the emergency situation 11 nautical miles to landing.

It was further disclosed that the pilot’s May-Day cry was given priority, but the plane could not make it, as it crashed 4 nautical miles to landing.

MC Donnell Douglas MD 83 was sold to Dana Airline in 2009 by a US-based Alaska Airlines, ahead of the airline commencing its services in Nigeria.

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10 Responses to "Dana Air official Claims they were forced to fly the faulty plane"

  1. Abimbola Mohammed says:

    The revelation gattered from the staff of Dana Airline showed that the owners of the Airline have no regard for Nigerian lives. They are just after making money regardless of how they make it. They are taking advantage of the situation in Nigeria. They should be arraigned and charged for murder.

  2. Two important things in life is your birth and your salvation therefore is necessary to solve a problem when is identify says:

    God will console the deceased family

  3. Grace says:

    i do not entirely hold the indians responsible for what happened on sunday, the Nigerians that they manage Dana for and who keep fronting Expatriates are responsible too, these expatriates take orders from Nigerians who want profit at all cost, the Nigerian Engineers that worked the plane, sold the tickets, checked these innocent children to an early grave, cleared the flight for take-off. They should ask themselves if the jobs the kept quiet to secure is worth 153 and more lives. I speak as a Nigerian, born in Nigeria, schooled in Nigeria, living and working in Nigeria too.
    Stand up for what you believe, do not join the band wagon, be bold to tell your boss the truth in wisdom and where it issues potential threat to life and property, make noise, because, it could happen to you. Let every man examine his conscience because we will all one day whether we believe or not give account.
    May God grant the families of these precious lives the fortitude to bear the loss. RIP Vivian, the pretty little kids on board and all who died that day. IT IS WELL


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