First Lady Patience Jonathan was responsible for the Dana Plane Crash – Her Response

The First Lady of Nigeria, Patience Jonathan came under criticism yesterday as news of the alleged closure of the nation’s airspace for a Presidential jet conveying her to Lagos on Sunday went viral on BlackBerry Messenger and online social networks.

The closure was said to have prevented the pilot of the distressed Dana Air’s plane from making an emergency landing at the airport. Reports circulated claimed that although the Dana plane had an engine failure, the distressed aircraft could have made it to the airport if it was not delayed by the VIP movement.

However, in response to this, the Special Assistant (Media) to the Minister of Aviation, Mr. Joe Obi, said the airspace was never closed for the First Lady on Sunday. He noted that the First Lady arrived in Lagos at about 4.45pm on Saturday, 2nd June, 2012 and only departed for Abuja on Monday, the 4th of June, 2012 at 1.30pm, whereas the ill-fated Dana flight 0992 departed Abuja on Sunday, 3rd of June, 2012 at 2.54pm and its last contact with the Lagos Control Tower was at 3.42pm as has already been announced.

The rumours prompted a response from the Office of the First Lady:

I am responding to the rumor mongers because of the involvement of the script writers of those that wish to heat up the polity of Nigeria at every event or given opportunity. Like they have always done, using every opportunity to make Nigeria ungovernable. Why would a group of people in different disguises want to play politics with this sad event just to get back to political rivals or superiors?

This morning, reports from one Ade Atobatele….Information Technology and Services has filtered the air. Don’t know which of the firms that is, claimed that the Dana Airline misfortune was caused by the closure of airspace for the first lady’s aircraft. He was quoted as saying he was informed by a pilot of a private Jet that also had to hover in the air for 2 hours 15mins before the airspace opened for landing. He has conned his story that the social, electronic and print media has started reporting it without verifying his source.

Let Ade Atobatele (if he does exist) and Nigerians know that the Nigerian Air space can only be closed for 10 minutes only when an Aircraft conveying the President approaches an airport and 10 minutes after landing. A total accumulation of 20 minutes by regulations. And let Ade and Nigerians also note that the Air space can never be closed for an aircraft conveying the first lady or any other individual in Nigeria. Let Nigerians know that regulations gives a code red preference to any aircraft on “May Day” (in danger) distress against any other aircraft even if it’s presidential. A presidential jet will be asked to divert towards a military airbase in case of a conflict in interest of landing. As we are aware, flight 0992 had called for MAY DAY 11mins before its ETA (estimated time of arrival) at 11 mins, the aircraft had prepared for landing. No aircraft is allowed to prepare for landing in an airspace that is closed. 20mins to landing, an aircraft as large as the boeing MD-83 can only commence descend from its cruise altitude.

Where then is the logic in Ade’s story?

Let Ade also take note that the traffic control unit at the airport has confirmed that the air space was actually closed for 15mins for the Dana Air flight 0992 to perform an emergency landing before the unfortunate incidence.

Please I admonish all readers to disregard the allegation against the office and person of the First lady in their attempt to incite Nigerians.

While we all pray that the Good Lord grants Nigerians and most especially the families of those that lost their lives to the sad incident the fortitude to bear the loss.

The Allegations:

“Is there any way of getting confirmation about news I’m just getting that the Dana plane was distressed for a while but could not make an emergency landing because the airspace was closed for 2 hours for – the Presidential Jet carrying Dame Patience Goodluck Jonathan.

Private jet owners who had to hover in the air same time leaked this. This was apparently the reason local news didn’t report the crash for so long till CNN and foreign news stations started reporting it.

Local news was ‘blacked out’ trying to kill the story of the airspace being closed while a distressed plane couldn’t land. It would be shocking if so.

Though there was engine failure there was still time for the plane to have landed apparently. You do know anyway that the airspace is closed for up to 2hours each time the Presidential Jet needs to go into the air? 2 hours for a 15minute take off or landing! And this jet is used by President, VP, President’s wife and if I recall David Mark. It’s almost a daily occurrence I’ve been told by airline staff when it caught me out on a trip.”

What do you think about the allegations and the First Lady’s response?

Please share your thoughts.

News Source: Punch | Ipaidabribenaija



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28 Responses to "First Lady Patience Jonathan was responsible for the Dana Plane Crash – Her Response"

  1. Chinedu Eze Igwe says:

    so sad but we await the report of the investigation. in other developed countries that had plane crashes theirs was not caused by the closure of an airport. while we seek for where to lay our hands lets wait for the report and recommendations that will improve flight operations in our airspace.

    • Kola Arubayi says:

      this woman has become such an emberassment to her husband and his govt and i think she shld be put in check

    • Obianuju Anaetoh says:

      @ kola what do u mean ! If she travelled on Sunday ,does she affect the Engine of the Aircraft too! The aircraft was really in Bad condition before it took off .pls mind ur speech!!! For ur information!

    • Nedu Phlegned Nwokolo says:

      @ chinedu this sounds baseless & illogical. First why the pilot of a private jet & not that of a commercial airline like virgin,arik or aero? Does that mean for those two hrs no flight landed or took off from MMA I or II . What about the NAF base,couldn't it have been routed to the landing strip there? The truth is that that plane was a flying coffin.What about the hundreds that die daily &thousands weekly on the contraption called roads in this country?why no fuss about them? Is it because they are *ordinary* Nigerians? We have no value for life that sums it up.

    • Chinedu Eze Igwe says:

      Nedu Phlegned Nwokolo, its not even as much as in the age of the planes to me but as much as due diligence being carried out on those planes to ensure their safety. we lack such discipline of ensuring excellent output. we lack such culture of excellence or that of striving for it. check out the poor quality of jobs done by nigerian mechanics, plumbers, carpernters…just to mention a few. we have to start demanding and offering excellence in our works. people will prefer to hire a ghanian carpenter to a Nigerian cos of the quality of jobs. The only revolution we need is a socio-cultural revolution and its starts with us individually.

    • Chinwe Egbuziem Okoroafor says:

      if health and safety is implemented in every aspect of lives in Nigeria, our country will be a much better to live in.

    • Chinedu Eze Igwe says:

      no HSE policy in the country. Chinwe Egbuziem Okoroafor we need you guys to come in a give us a push on that.

    • Chinwe Egbuziem Okoroafor says:

      black people think differently, you can say i am stereotyping but it is a fact. we think of only now and not of the future.

    • Chinedu Eze Igwe says:

      lol! Chinwe Egbuziem Okoroafor you are right, we need to be future-minded.

  2. cheay says:

    I pity d stupid coward that tot of dis rubbish allegation sha..woz so pissed wen I saw d broadcast.Evn if dis rumour was true,was Dana nt awre of d closure..dnt dey hav branch in was said dat aero didn’t tak off,y didn’t Dana copy frm dem nd relax knwing deir craft was evn faulty…Nigerians,its tim WE BECOME THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE IN OUR COUNTRY nd stop passing blames..

  3. Marthins says:

    2 d person dat layed dis allegation, i think he has no respect 4 dis country nigeria and d first lady in particular. I hav heard of flights suspendin on air for days. If d engine of d dana air plane is no faulty, it would av suspended 4 as long as blame should be pass 2 d first lady cos i think she excersized her right.

  4. Jane Mbali says:

    I don’t believe this trash story.

  5. Iredu Chukwuma Nwora says:

    Anything can happen in this country , by the way you talk about regulations in respect to how long planes should be on air, lets be frank how often do those who call themselves our leaders obey such policy. Abeg let the dead rest but who ever was part of this tragic event has placed a curse onto the forth generation of his or her family.
    No investigation in this country has ever seen the light of the day so who is deceiving who Please stop this stupid write up and persecute those responsible.

    • Ogidi Chinedu says:

      hahahaha have u ever seen anyone prosecuted on charley boy showwww. my man you are right THIS IS NAIJA let the dead REST IN PEACE. friends forget it and move on.ITS UNFORTUNATE.

  6. Mark Hesse says:

    hmmm we ask God for well-being.

  7. Uche Vee Nwadyke says:

    The Ade or whoever cooked up such allegation is obviously a senseless person dat has never travelled by flight before. How can they close d airspace for over 2hrs? Which kind land d jet dey land for over 2hrs? Instead of doing sth tangible with your time; u decide to do stuffs dat will incite crisis. May God have mercy on your brains and fingers.

  8. Bosede Sule says:

    F**king idiot..I even dreamt dt dis nasty piece of work, bloody power miss roadwas speaking her bad English as usual when she was addressing d press. I felicitate with my fellow mourners…Stupid village woman.

  9. Bosede Sule says:

    Patience and Jonathan Goodluck have brought have brought more misfortunes 2 d country than ever. Never heard of Gboko Haram or an air space causing uncountable deaths. Whoever is supporting them or perhaps whoever dere Baba Isale is needs to sit down n have a rethink. We need to move forward with d right governance in plae. Not this nasty piece of work husband n wife we've got dere at d moment.
    D ideal thing would have been for d husband to plan on resigning because everyone now knows d crash was caused by directly or indirectly, it really doesn't matter. Bottom line she caused it but wait a minute Nigeria isn't dere yet. She's d president's wife n so untouchable. Well as for her n her family n d person dt orderd it THE BLOODF OF ALL THOSE THAT DIED IN THE DANA AIR CRASH IS ON U MRS GOODLUCK.. I wish u goodluck with dis, lets c how far u can go…

  10. Godspower.donjay says:

    Nigeria,i dont knw what ur turning to these days

  11. agunwa uzo says:

    the blood of dis innocent people is upon de head of the leaders especially de aviation minister.what is his job in Nigeria. look at livesdat av gone blood will full ur tank 4 u to drink as juice .God will never be happy wit the leaders i swear. why using old plane in afraid of nigeria.this money dat de leaders are eating will choke and kill them in Jesus name Amen .repent u leaders and give ur life to jesus

  12. Esy says:

    It is well……may dey rest in peace…hmmmm…its the end time

  13. Paul Adams says:

    It has happen, and nothing happen without God’s permission, God knw why it happen and we pray that the soul’s of the faithfull departed through the mercy of God rest in perfect peace. May we not experience this again IJN AMEN.

  14. Chukus says:

    The plane was not in good condition that is the truth. Did she affect the engin as well?? That was a flying coffin that’s the truth.

  15. Heights says:

    True talk Chukus.I agree with u.Na D’s sho….sho….sho dey kill d nation dey go so.People just report rubbish,even d media.

  16. Heights says:

    @ bosede sule.You are indeed a SULE!Pls remove Bosede from ur name and replace with MUMUNI SULE..nko unwahan?Wat has leadership got to do with plane crash?Is Jonathan d head of NCAA?Is it not ur breda and my own dat claimed they had Ph.D in D’s and dat head d place.Nigerian!we fool ourselves and we claim we are westernized.

  17. OPTIMIZARE says:

    Terrific paintings! That is the type of information that are meant to be shared around the internet. Shame on Google for not positioning this put up upper! Come on over and visit my website . Thank you =)


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