D’banj features in Kanye West’s “Mercy” alongside other G.O.O.D Music Artistes [Video]

Finally the long awaited ‘Mercy’ by Grammy Award winner Kanye and owner of the G.O.O.D Music label featuring D’banj and other G.O.O.D Music Artistes was released on Vevo this morning.

The only problem with the video is that our brother only appeared at the end of the video doing an eagle dance… I can assure you that is was not Azonto or Galala, it is definitely a new dance.

But like we say in naija, “Half bread is better than fried Chin Chin”, at least he has featured in a Kanye West video. How many other artistes can boost of that? Unfortunately, you may not be able to play a Vevo video in Nigeria but if you can, enjoy the video and wait for D’banj at the end at about 5:05mins into the video.



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10 Responses to "D’banj features in Kanye West’s “Mercy” alongside other G.O.O.D Music Artistes [Video]"

  1. Wale says:

    pls, clear d air about d rumour going around that D’banj is dead. Is it true?

  2. Jah Blessings says:

    I hope u will not become like tupac, M Jackson and the rest because this Illuminati thing is fucking real.hmm.

  3. Bakma Daniel Garta says:

    It is Unfurtunate when God Bless People They Decide To Follow The Children Of Satan In the Name Of Fame.


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