Igbinedion University Student Stabs Room-mate 7 Times with a Pair of Scissors [Photos]

Thing are going from bad to worse in Nigeria, as the stories we receive keep getting dreadfully worse. This past month alone, we have received news of suicides, plane crashes, people trapped in collapsed buildings, billboards falling on bridges and now this unfortunate story about two room mates, Chioma Onyeagwe and Hope Amadi.

According to reports, Hope Amadi borrowed Chioma’s shirt and refused to return it for many days. When Chioma asked for her shirt back on Tuesday June 5th, Hope allegedly became extremely aggressive and the two girls got into serious argument. Then a fight ensued. Witnesses say Hope Amadi picked up a pair of scissors from their room and stabbed Chioma seven times on the neck and several other places. Chioma was rushed to the Igbinedion University Teaching Hospital, where doctors reported that Chioma was stabbed on her artery, and that if she hadn’t been rushed to the hospital when she was she would have died.

Hope Amadi has been suspended from school.

I can’t help but wonder what would push a young girl to stab another young girl not once but 7 times, this case is definitely more than a borrowed shirt. We hear hideous stories of the western world where a teenager would wake up and shoot his class mates and so on, Nigeria is gradually going down the same path were you don’t feel safe to allow your children go to an public or private school system; I think home schooling looks like a better alternative these days.

God help us!

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  • Anonymous

    Devil’s gateway to the society…; Hatred and Impatience….

    • Ayo

      Are you sure they were fighting over a shirt or over a man,God help us in Nigeria.


        The world is really wicked. Amy, How far?

        • benny

          Point of correction. God did not ceate the world to be wicked but the people that lives in it have chosen to be wicked. Remember that the bible said the heart of man is Desperately wicked.

    • nkechi

      Hope is possess by unclean spirit,wot a wicked girl no conscience to stab not 1 or 2 but 7 times & orda places…………She is evil,,borrow borrow,c as she is lukin like teletoby……………

    • bukky

      D gal is a devil she nids 2 b dealt wif she wanna kill her frd cos of cloth dat sucks.

      • Amina sule

        Omg! Dat gal is evil nd need 2 be in jail 4 dis act.

      • Trans4mer

        D best thing is not 2 suspend dat gal from sch , she need 2 be expelled and rusticated and her published nation wide so no sch will accept her again 4 admmission, or she is sent 2 jail 2 rust and Rotten there . Dat is not just a mere fight dat was an intention 2 kill . She is a Devil noting else

      • celly

        HoW can girls who have parents that could afforrd such a huge amount of fee fight over shirt ? They must have fought over a guy. Desperate and foolish kids !

      • akin ojo

        Wonder shall never end. Nigeria is turning to smothing else gradually. God help us

      • Heights

        Her name should av been Hopeless Amadi.She’s a lost soul.She needs deliverance.God help her.Men watch out.

      • http://www.facebook.com Ezekiel Emmanuel Edem

        my God.wat z dis country turning n2.i fink student shud b screened 4 mental balance b4 bin admitted n2 skul.i fink dis gal as gone gaga

        • Anonymous

          dis act is devilish, hope amadi should be jailed for 7 years.

        • peter jewel

          i no belive say na only shirt dey cause dat wahala……….abeg mak una try find out

        • peter jewel

          i tink say na fyn boy lyk m dey cause dat wahala…..or all dis old men wey dey play CHOP & GO wit TH

        • http://donansofita@yahoo.com may God tk control of our life


        • fatima Tanimu

          Omg!I just came across this.Jesus christ,hope amadi was my classmate in secondary school,infact,she sat ryt bhinde me in jss3.am still trying to reconcile the hope amadi in fggc bwari and this one.what in Gods names got into her.hope who couldn’t hurt a fly back then in school.Jesus christ,don’t even know what to say…smh