The reason why nobody survived the Dana Air Crash, Nigerians are Hungry!!!

This is a very interesting view published on the Nigerian Eye website ( about the recent plane crash in Nigeria. A Dana air plane crashed into a residential building in Lagos killing all on board and others around the crash site. Why do you think no one was saved, because according to witnesses, the plane crashed a good 20 mins before it exploded. If we were in the western world, 20 mins is enough time to save the lives of the passengers, won’t you agree? Enjoy reading this very interesting take on the chain of events that sad day and please feel free to drop your comments below:

I know this headline will make you wonder where I’m driving at, at first thought some of you will wonder what hunger has to do with the Dana Air Plane crash that resulted into the death of hundreds of Nigerians, well you will discover that as you continue to read.

First of all, the fact that nobody survived the Plane Crash is a big blow to the on-going investigations. President Goodluck Jonathan, alongside the Aviation Minister have made promises to investigate the cause of the crash, and few reports about the events that happened before, during and after the plane crash occurred are already coming in. The important thing here however is that if somebody, at least one person survived the plane crash he/she would have told Nigerians what really happened, and that will go a long way to help prevent another crash in the nearest future.

But sadly, all 153 gone, not even a single person survived the crash, and what we all have to make use of are mere speculative efforts.

But some people should have survived the crash, if not for greed and hunger, which is the greatest problem many Nigerians have.

According to the reports of a Local newspaper, Speaking with a local Iju Ishaga resident, A resident of Iju Ishaga, Charles shared this with the press

Charles said he knew something was wrong as the plane started descending towards Toyin Street on Iju-Ishaga area of Lagos.

He said,

“Some people were playing football on Oju-Irin field not far from our house. I intended to join them but was on our balcony when I saw the plane fly low.

“I actually thought it was going down before it got to our area because it dipped.Suddenly, it lifted up again before crashing into the building close to our house.

Charles said everybody on his street rushed to the scene but nobody knew what to do.

He said moments later, he realised that some hoodlums had started making attempts to loot at the crash site.

He said,

“After some time, we saw a white man (Chinese) come out of the crash site. One of his legs seemed to be badly damaged as if it had been burnt.

“Immediately people saw him, some people rushed at him and some were asking him questions. A big crowd had gathered at the time. Everybody was just looking at him; nobody attempted to help him.

“He fell down after that and died. I think he hit his head on a metal because blood was streaming down the side of his head.”

Now, if you can understand what you just read above, you will start coming in terms with the headline of this post, some Nigerians, (hoodlums) were busy making attempts to loot the crash site, few minutes after a plane just crashed? How Inhuman is that? Is that how greedy and hungry Nigerians are? Instead of thinking of ways to help the plane crash victims who were still screaming for help, few minutes after the crash before the plane exploded, some Nigerians were looting the belongings of the plane crash victims instead, why will you do that?

Definitely if the Chinese man was given first aid, he could have survived, but due to the high illiteracy in Nigeria, nobody among the crowd gathered at the crash site thought of first aid, because it took the emergency team about 30 minutes later to arrive. They just watched him die and did nothing. while others were looting the crash site.

I watched a reality scene on cable TV recently, an American man (who is a gangstar) called the police to save a neighbour’s CAT! and about 2 minutes later a rescue ambulance and police cars rescued the poor pet. Imagine the rapid and immediate response to save a Cat, and also the role played by the gangstar neighbour. Now when will Nigerians learn to make things work?

A 10-year-old boy also told our correspondent he saw the plane go down. The plane’s wing, he said, cut a tree down and the tree fell on two cows in the area.

The boy, Aanu Fashola, said some residents immediately started cutting up the cows after the plane crashed, adding that people tried to loot at the crash site.

Now this boy’s account of what happened is in agreement to the one you earlier read, but he even adding more, A wing of the plane cut off down a tree and the tree fell on cows in the area killing them, while the victims were screaming for help before the plane exploded, some residents of Iju were more interested in fighting for COW MEAT that was brought down by the wing of the plane as it fell.

How Pathetic!!!!!!!


On the other hand, why should you blame those Nigerians that were interested in looting the area and fighting for cow meat instead of trying to save the crash victims?

Many Nigerians live below $1 per day, and they need to fight for their own survival before they rescued others perhaps? maybe many of them haven’t eaten for 3 days.

Nigerians are hungry and Greedy and this will be revealed even more as the Families of victims of the Dana air crash on Sunday have been assured of due compensation.

According to the management staff of Dana Airline, Francis Ugboro, he told newsmen in Lagos that the airline management alongside its insurance companies were working out modalities to compensate affected families.

A representative of the insurance company, Otunba Yomi Osikoya said families affected will be compensated as soon as possible.

The compensation

’’The airline was required to pay a sum of $30, 000 as an initial payment within 30 days of the accident, but the law imposes the sum of $100,000 on injury or death, but with a legal connotation,’’ he said.

Now $100,000 is about N15.4 Million Naira, now you just watch how some family members will fight for that money.

Hunger and Greed remains a big problem.



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21 Responses to "The reason why nobody survived the Dana Air Crash, Nigerians are Hungry!!!"

  1. Peter Anuoluwa Feranmi Abiala says:


  2. Bollex says:

    Haaaa GOD help us o dz z poverty

  3. Ochuko Aluya says:

    I am not sure what to believe about this post but while I agree partially with this writer in terms of emergency evacuation response of trained officials in developed as against underdeveloped countries, I also believe that in every accident scene anywhere in the world there exist these categories of people-onlookers, looters waiting to loot, people in shock wanting to help and knowing what to do and people making effort to help while calling the authorities trained to do emergency evacuation.

    Not to be bias, I believe strongly that Nigerians are full of empathy. I have seen it working. I believe people were scared to death to not go near the crash for fear of explosion.

    That being said, I challenge the writer on this – if greed or poverty was the motivation or reason the crowd could not help, was twenty minutes not more than enough to rummage the air place instantly?

    This tragic incident was more of a shock to the crowd than greed. Thank you

  4. babes says:

    To be honest, I don’t think Nigerians are hungry. It’s the greed and the free for all mentality that
    Is killing us. Everyone there that had the intention to loot
    And capitalise on d situation were just greedy and heartless.
    The truth is that the calamities of this nation is not from the top . It’s u and me on the street, let’s start from there.
    May God save us.

  5. vee says:

    We re certainly not being our brother’s keeper.

  6. Enefiok says:

    Nigerian need to be educated

  7. Wasky says:

    I don’t believe this story. I fly a lot and I know the speed of an airplane when it wants to land. Am talking of “controlled” speed and here we are talking of a distressed airplane that crash landed and stood there for 20 minutes before being engulfed in flames. We are talking of a big airplane. This story is hard to believe. QED

  8. Solomon says:

    Mr. Or Mrs. Writer, the your story lacks authenticity. No nobody will come out of that plane without been helped. I can swear with my life as long as Nigerians are concerned. This is aeroplane, i know many of them have not been in the air port not to talk of aeroplane emergency. A plane crashed & stayed for 20min before exploding? Please go to your village with this story. Even in a developed country, emergency response, are not quick in remote area. Please stop feeding us with cook up stories.

    • Anonymous says:

      Solomon, Lagos is not a remote area. That plane crashed close to an airport. Besides this was not a story it’s somebody’s view. Do you understand English or you just can’t read?

  9. Shidah says:

    U all are right, when tragedy strikes what ull first think of is your own safety nd besides majority Nigerians av never been to airport or have they ever air fly,now lets to say saving lives when tragedy strikes and lets not forget that there were thick fumes engulfing the sorroundings, so it cld be difficult 4 pple to see thru clearly, and the prescence of these fumes (Co2 & No2) could even cause serious infecton for rescurers,it kills faster than beeing burnt. As a microbiologist concerned,i could flee so as not to endeanger my respiratory tract.

  10. Genevive says:

    Thanks for the auspicious writeup. It actually was a entertainment account it. Look advanced to more brought agreeable from you! However, how could we be in contact?

  11. ochuko says:

    If you look at the pictures or maybe this one, Nigerians were helping with fire hose. There is a fire hose running through the airplane, look at that red hose, (can you see it on the plane) those boys where helping to channel it to the fire spot.

    Please when next you are writing; be there live so you can give an accurate account. Thanks

  12. rooms says:

    With thanks


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