Lady Gaga hit on the head with a pole by her Back Up Dancer [Video]

Some would say it serves her right, controversial singer Lady Gaga has suffered concussions after being mistakenly hit on the head by her back up dance during the Auckland, New Zealand Show. Gaga, who recently seemed to respond to Madonna’s onstage diss of her music, was performing ‘Judas,’ dressed in white, when Mark, who is one of her dancers, accidentally hit her on the head with a pole.

She didn’t miss a note or get knocked off her game, despite get knocked in the skull. She rubbed her head for a second and kept going. What a trooper.

GagaMedia reports that while on stage, Gaga said, “I want to apologize, I did hit my head and I think I may have a concussion but don’t you worry. I will finish this show.” And finish this show is just what the Mother Monster did. She likely had a pretty ripping headache as a result of the knock she took on the noggin, though.



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