10 Random Questions With OC Ukeje

Nollywood’s hottie and fast-rising star,OC Ukeje, reveals his first kiss, his favorite fashion accessory and what he hates most about being well-known. Enjoy

1. What are your top five movies?

Gladiators, Legends of the Fall,Crash, Man on Fire and Warrior

2. What is you go-to fashion accessory?

A neck chain

3. What would be your dream holiday?

A hotel by the beach, the blue sea, superior sand… A resort with jet skis, bush huts… That kind of thing sha!

4. What was your favourite cartoon as a child?

Super Ted.

5. Stage or Film, which do you prefer?

Hmmm… I don’t know o!

6. What are the top three things you look out for in a girl?

One, she must have a job. Two, she must know how to abase and how to abound which means she must be down to earth yet sophisticated. And three, she must be good-looking.

7. What are your favourite things to do on a weekend?

Lie down in bed and watch a movie.

8. What do you hate most about being well-known?

The pressure to always perform, to always be in character. People always expect you to be a certain way. They expect certain things from you financially and behaviour-wise.

9. When did you have your first kiss?

My first girl friend in 2002.

9b. What was her name?

Why would I tell you? She is married and has kids now.

10.What does OC stand for?

Okechukwu Chukwuemeka

OC Ukeje is a stage and film actor. He first came to national limelight when he won the 2006 Amstel Malta Box Office, a reality show aimed at finding the next big film star. He’s featured in TW’s June 2012 issue (OC Ukeje: Moving Beyond The Hype). Ask your vendor today

Source: TWmagazine.net



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