Bloody Days: One Dead in a Cultist Attack in Enugu State University

Warning Graphic photo below!

We just found this shocking picture of an attack on the premises of ESUT. The details of the attack are not yet clear but we are only aware that it was an attack by cultists in Enugu State University yesterday.

Do you know more about this deadly attack? Share it by dropping a comment below. May his soul rest in peace whoever he is.



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10 Responses to "Bloody Days: One Dead in a Cultist Attack in Enugu State University"

  1. vee says:

    Bloody hell. So someone took time to slice his fellow human being like this? Wat is going on in Nig?

  2. Mr. Wuu says:

    Wu knows if he has also killed lyk d same way he was killed? May God help us wit som beasts in human shape in 9ja.

  3. Williams Seun Akinwande says:

    May God console d family of d loss student. After spending a lot on him.

  4. Darlington Uche says:

    na wa o


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