Charly Boy Sues National Mirror For N1Billion [Court Photos]

Charly Boy turned 61 on the 19th of June and what better way to celebrate it than to sue National Mirror for N1billion.

A billion lawsuit against National Mirror for allegedly publishing a story on Saturday, the 28th May, 2012 claiming that he had admitted being gay and head of the Nigerian Illuminati.

Apparently this story was published by National Mirror and Daily Independent on the same day, Saturday the 28th of May, 2012; but Daily Independent was remorseful enough to retract the story and apologize to Charly Boy after he asked his lawyer and his press Secretary to write to National Mirror and Daily Independent for a total retraction of the story. It is yet unclear Charly Boy’s intentions for Daily Independent; however, he may be considering a compensation just to reciprocate their earlier action.

On the other hand, National Mirror instead of following suit provoked Charly Boy further by publishing another article  justifying why the story was published in the first place, as well as the need for such publication. Charlyboy had again reacted through his Lawyer, Bar. Ope Banwo, drawing National Mirror’s attention to the fact that their response showed the highest level of irresponsibility in journalism and was unacceptable.

Although the National Mirror Chief Executive, Mr Jimoh Ibrahim called Charlyboy on the phone to apologize and as well promised to do a retraction, no further action had been taken since then.

Having his hands tied, Charly Boy had no choice but to  filed a law suit in the Lagos High Court on Tuesday against National Mirror, demanding N1 billion in compensation and a total retraction of the story which his Lawyer Ope Banwo had considered unprofessional, biased and libellous.



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