Johnny Depp to Pay Ex Lover Vanessa Paradis $150M

I wish I was worth $300 million, Johnny Depp is said to be worth $300 million and his partner for the last 14 years, whom he recently split with, will be getting half of that despite the fact that they never married. Vanessa Paradis is set to receive one of the biggest pay-off between a non-married couple.

Johnny Depp is said to be paying her $150million in a bid to keep their split as amicable as possible for the sake of their children, according to The Sun.

Meanwhile, Johnny Depp already has a new love in his life. He is rumoured to be dating his 25 year old Rum Diary co-star, Amber Heard. They are keeping their romance hush hush for now.

As he grows closer to his Rum Diary star Amber Heard, it’s being reported that Johnny Depp was spending time with other beautiful women as his 14 year union with Vanessa Paradis crumbled.

Depp, 49 , was forced to deny rumours that he was involved with his Dark Shadows co-star Eva Green who he shared a sensational, supernatural love scene with in the Tim Burton flop.

But a report suggests that he has struck up a more serious bond with his pretty publicist, Robin Baum.

Easy Depp because you will soon be worth  $150million and if the next split happens you will be worth  $75million so on……



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