It is now a criminal offence to impregnate a woman and desert her in Lagos state

The Lagos State Government announced yesterday a review of the law enacted to protect pregnant women and their babies. The State Attorney General, Ade Ipaye said that it is now a criminal offence in Lagos for a man to desert a woman he impregnated. At the sensitization programme on the ‘Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011′ and ‘Administration of Criminal Justice Law, 2011′, Mr. Ipaye said the law was enacted to protect pregnant women and their babies.

He added that the new law makes it criminal for a man to refuse to contribute to the ante-natal and post-natal expenses of a woman he impregnated. “Any person who impregnates a woman or girl and fails, refuses or neglects to contribute to maternity related cost from ante-natal or post-natal stages, is guilty of an offence under section 277 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State and is liable to face the wrath of the law,” Ipaye said.

Ipaye said the old law handed down by the British Colonial Government was outdated, as it mainly reflected the values of the colonial administration. “The review of this law was necessitated by the fact that some of the laws that existed prior to this time were outdated. The review is therefore aimed at reflecting current day realities, as the old Criminal Code Law has become inadequate to address the challenges of contemporary criminality.”

Ipaye, who also doubles as the Commissioner for Justice, said the state criminal law was enacted to regulate public order and provide rules on criminal conduct, among other objectives. He however stressed that the new law has replaced the Criminal Code Law of Lagos State Cap.C17 Laws of Lagos State of Nigeria, 2003, introduced in Southern Nigeria in 1914.

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News Source: Daily Times



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30 Responses to "It is now a criminal offence to impregnate a woman and desert her in Lagos state"

  1. mrs esan-malumi says:

    perfect.women go through alot in d hands of men.kudos to lagos state is an animalistic tendency to desert a pregnant woman.God will bless u

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is a welcome idea we should update in everything aspect

  3. Kunle says:

    Good thinking

  4. Anaynmous says:

    You can take a horse to the stream but you cant force it to drink water. How can you force a man to keep a woman under his roof when he cant afford one square meal in a day

    • trubel9000 says:

      i agree.did the man ever agree that she should get pregnant . sex is for both pleasure and procreation. and in see nothing wrong in pleasure

  5. Anonymous says:

    If they can not afford food then they should keep the snake zipped in. No bi by force to chop nah!

  6. benny says:

    This is great!

  7. regina says:

    fashola God will bless u

  8. A karim zakaria says:

    This law is a very good One and must be introduce in Ghana.

  9. Dele says:

    Good thinking but wrong solution. There are more to it than we imagine, a man who feeds himself & his girl friend and all of the sudden he lost his job, landlord wahala begin, life become generally unbearable. What do u think of such a guy? Our govt should think more on how to make life a little comfortable for our youths. Get solutions to d root not d surface. Our govt. are forcing our graduates to be selfemployed and there is no law to protect them and if there are any think on how to make them effective.

  10. Frank says:

    It a welcome developement, but what if it were a pay service or in multiple relationship asap the time of the incident
    I sudjest that . mostly the teenage safe sex education should also be placed in the school curriculum becaus the suffer in most cases.
    Also Govt should tackle poverty mostly in all aspect of life cause this is one the key element.
    where some one can abandond a pregnant wife or a girl friend.



  12. Nonye Nolisa says:

    This is a welcome development. Kudos to Fashola

  13. trubel9000 says:

    An opportunity for women to easily get pregnant and tie a rope around the neck of a man who did not want them,especially the rich ones


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