Ibori’s Mistress Udoamaka Okoronkwo Released from Jail

Former First Mistress of Delta State, Udoamaka Okoronkwo-Onuigbo, mistress to James Ibori has been released from a UK prison after serving 2 years out of her 5 year prison sentence.

The ex-convict was tried alongside her James Ibori’s wife, Theresa Ibori; sister, Christine Ibori-Idie, and London-based solicitor Bhadresh Gohil, who were all convicted of money laundering.

As governor of Delta state, James Ibori racked up credit card bills of $200,000 a month and owned a fleet of armoured Range Rovers, said the prosecution. He was trying to buy a plane at the time he was arrested. Once seen as one of Nigeria’s wealthiest and most influential politicians, Ibori was seized in 2010 in Dubai at the request of the Metropolitan police and extradited to London last year.

He was subsequently tried at  Southwark London Crown Court on June 7, 2010 and jailed for 13 years while his wife, mistress Udoamaka Okoronkwo, and sister were jailed for 5 years respectively.



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