President Goodluck May Introduce a Birth Control Policy

Birth Control Policy is not a new subject in the world, China  is doing it with their one-child per house hold policy in a bid to control their population. It looks like our President is thinking in the same line, as a birth control policy may be the only way to save us from this issue of over population.

The main problem is not the law but the enforcement; in a multi-cultural and highly religious nation like Nigeria where people believe that a child is God’s gift, God provides for the future regardless of hard work and effort, birth control pill is a sin, contraceptives are evil and that there will always be somebody to sort out their problems i.e extorting other family members or better still leaving the children for other people to raise; enforcement will indeed be the major problem.

President Goodluck Jonathan gave the hint yesterday June 26th at the Presidential Villa while administering oath of office to the newly appointed chairman and members of the National Population Commission (NPC). He said:

“For us to plan properly, we must manage our population, but it is extremely sensitive because we are extremely religious people, either as Christians or Muslims. Both Christians and Muslims and even traditionalists and all the other religions believe that children are God’s gifts to man, so it is difficult for you to tell any Nigerian to number their children because they are gifts of God and it is not expected to reject God’s gifts.

The key thing is how you will, through your advocacy, come up with plans and programmes that encourage Nigerians to have the number of children they can manage, before government comes up with clear policies and guidelines. First and foremost is the personal consciousness that people should get the family they can manage.

“Sometimes you get to the house of somebody living in a well-furnished duplex. There is the husband and wife and maybe two, three or four children. But the guard at the gate may have nine children. That is the scenario you have. So, first and foremost, before government comes up with regulations, guidelines or laws, Nigerians must be made to know that we cannot continue to procreate and procreate even though we know children are God’s gifts.” President Jonathan Goodluck



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6 Responses to "President Goodluck May Introduce a Birth Control Policy"

  1. Michael rosy aire says:

    My fellow 9igerians, How do you see this??

  2. CHINEDU says:

    Originally I was quite alarmed when I first heard had about the plans of President Goodluck to introduce birth control laws. But reading his actual comments above I now see that he was actually charging the members to engage in advocacy work in the following words “So, first and foremost, before government comes up with regulations, guidelines or laws, Nigerians must be made to know that we cannot continue to procreate and procreate even though we know children are God’s gifts.” President Jonathan Goodluck,,,,,,If his first line response or strategy in dealing with the issue of Nigeria’s population were to be the enactment of a birth control legislation, then as usual we are opting for the seemingly easy way out, but which in actual fact will spell doom for us in many ways.

    Birth Control in the common form as advocated by the UNPF as a population management strategy is prone to so many ethical queries which I know that our nation lacks the capacity to resolve on a sustainable basis. Even nations like China which adopted the one child policy in a bid to control their populations are today living with the distortions which they brought upon themselves by altering the natural order and progression of their populations as they ended up with highly skewered population mix, a direct fall out from the policy as wanton sex selection practices led to a high ratio of males( preferred sex) over females, to the effect that today many eligible males cannot find brides in China! leading to further social and cultural problems.

    Birth control policies as experience has shown will involve the violation of the RIGHT TO LIFE and at this time I believe our nation will be better off focusing on policies that will turn both our current and projected populations into the assets that God purposed them to be instead of giving in to really doubtful arguments of the big businesses who just want to sell their abortion pills and deceptively titled “reproductive health services” as the only magic wand that will bring about untold material well being for all peoples. Our nation will do well to fashion out policies that will harness in a better way the immense potential that God has already made available to us, manage the more than commensurate resources also provided by the Almighty God for the sustenance of every life created by Him and made to be a citizen of this country. We will also do better if our policies are designed to raise responsible citizens knowledgeable enough to appreciate their position in the universe and how they can bring about sustainability of human life on earth by the choices they make and their actions also. It might look difficult, but it is the Narrow Path that will lead us to life.

    I will urge President Goodluck not to venture into this area as very careful steps are required to handle the many ethical issues that are bound to arise.


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