Book review: Cents from the Heart by Tinuke Aweda

Cents from the Heart is a journal born on a self discovery journey by a young author who describes her experiences and her views about life in a colorful and descriptive manner. Using flowery language, she encourages you to participate vicariously in her experiences and that of others. Beyond doubt is the author’s courage to publish and share her ability to write in this manner with everyone, given especially how the talent was discovered: in deep moments of introspection and retrospection

In its first edition, the book encourages soul searching and quiet times where you thoroughly enjoy your own company and think through ideas, imagine things and task your mind. It is a poetic book to encourage young hearts to pursue their dreams and get busy with thoughts as there are ideas that the world may find useful in someone’s thoughts.

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  1. Gen Andrew says:

    great great…. keep the dream alive….


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