2Face Speaks to Toolz on The Juice

Nigerian music legend 2Face Idibia speaks to Toolz on the Juice, he talks about his 5th album”Away & Beyond”  launch which was a huge success; he admits that his favourite song production is Spiritual Healing.

The interview takes him back to the days of Plantashun Boiz and their days of money making, he spoke about their (Plantashun Boiz) break up and what made him nervous about his decision to go solo. He said he knew what he wanted and that gave him the courage; he said it was time to exploit the future and that was why he decided to go solo.

He talk about an incident at Oniru beach where he encountered some crazy fans who almost undressed him and “obtained” his clothing & Accessories all in the name of fan love.  He talks about a whole lot more….enjoy the video!



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  1. olaitan bukola says:

    That’s my chairman,nice one keep it up kk.


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