Big Brother StarGame: Goldie, Lady May, Prezzo and Kyle are up for eviction

Oh my! It looks like Lady May has bitten more than she can chew this time around as she got 8 out of 10 nominations; out of curiosity, why do the housemates look so pathetic when they vote, like they feel bad for nominating somebody else.  Keagan who got the same number of votes as Goldie, used his privilege as head of house to replace himself with Kyle…very smart. Why enter the game if you do not plan to win right? Better Kyle than him.

Lady May came top with the highest nomination of 8, followed by Prezzo with 3 vote, Goldie with 2 and Keagan 2 as well. Keagan replaced himself with Kyle who had just one nomination from Lady May.

Goldie still hasn’t got rid of those hideous lashes and might just get evicted for that reason alone, don’t you think? Just kidding people, we hope our Goldie hangs in there till the end.

Who Nominated who?

Keitta: Lady May & Goldie

Wati: Lady May & Goldie

Talia: Alex & Jannette

Keagan: Lady May & Prezzo

Goldie: Lady May & Keagan

Lady May: Kyle & Keitta

Prezzo: Lady May & Wati

Kyle: Lady May & Prezzo

Alex: Prezzo & Lady May

Jannette: Lady May & Keagan



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