Birthday Wishes: Rita Dominic turns 37 today

Nollywood actress Rita Dominic turned 37 today.  The beautiful actress was born July 12th, 1975; at 37 she has achieved so much especially in the movie industry. We wish you happy birthday Rita and many more successful years to come.

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10 Responses to "Birthday Wishes: Rita Dominic turns 37 today"

  1. VANISA says:

    Congrats dear, next birthday you will celebrate it with your hubby IJN.

  2. princess prisca nky says:

    HBD mama rita nkem! Wot were u doin at age 37…

  3. nelly says:

    wat is ur own, u dat u r callin her mama, every lady will become a mother one day. God bless u Rita
    getting married is jara, to Gods as much as it not stoping u from attaining heaven.keep up the good work.

  4. Chux Monbassa says:

    Kettle calling pot black.


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