Bukky Wright involved in auto accident

Popular Nollywood actress, Bukky Wright was involved in a car accident early this morning, along Epe Road on her way to a location for her new movie. The actress was quickly rescued by passersby and rushed to a nearby hospital. She was driving a Nissan SUV. We wish her speedy recovery!!!



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7 Responses to "Bukky Wright involved in auto accident"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sincerely, for me Bukky is the most beatiful, stainless woman in nollywood. i:e noting ‘ll hapen to her, the devil has lost the battle over & over again in Jesus name……

  2. aminat omolola says:

    Der are more tins to do,to celebrate dat is why we want u to stand on ur feet nd get we’ll soon.may Allah giv u quick recovery.

  3. Hammed Bolarinwa says:

    alahumo amin may allah let it be so "speed recovery".


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