Breaking News: Gun attack at Batman Dark Knight film premiere in Denver USA

At least 14 people have been killed in a shooting at a Batman film premiere in the US city of Denver, police say. About 50 people have been injured in the incident, police say. A reporter for the 9News website at the scene says a gunman opened fire at the movie cinema complex in Aurora, where three theatres had a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises. Witnesses said someone wearing a gas mask opened fire. There were also reports of a lot of smoke.

Reuters news agency quoted a local reporter saying 10 people had died, but this is unconfirmed. The Swedish Medical Center, which is not the area’s main hospital, told the BBC it had received three gunshot victims. Many ambulances are at the scene and it not clear if there is an active manhunt for the shooter. NBC News reports that one suspect was in custody.

A witness told 9News that during a shooting scene in the film he heard loud bangs and a lot of smoke and initially thought they were live special effects put on by the cinema. Projectiles came through the wall from the neighbouring theatre screening, where it appears the shooting occurred.

Source: BBC



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