11 year-old boy travels to Rome alone – ‘It was easier than doing my homework’

An 11 year old boy – Liam Corcoran managed to travel from the UK to Rome without a passport or a boarding pass. Liam tagged along behind other families taking a Jet2 flight (LS791) to the Italian capital, Rome from Manchester airport.

Liam Corcoran slipped away from his mother in Wythenshawe, caught a bus to the airport three miles away and boarded a plane bound for Rome looking for a lavatory without anyone questioning what he was doing.

Speaking to The Sun about how he had managed the feat, the schoolboy said it had been easy.

‘I didn’t have anything on me and no one asked me for anything,’ he said.

He added that he had needed to go to the toilet and had simply kept walking until he ended up on the Jet2 plane. He said:

‘I went in the toilet and sat there but I couldn’t get out. Then – whoosh! – we were going up in the sky.’

It was only when Liam began boasting that he had run away from home as the plane cruised over France that other passengers alerted cabin crew.

His mother Mary said she thought her son had been abducted when he slipped away from her in a shop near the airport.
Police phoned her more than four hours after he disappeared to tell her

“we have found your son, he’s in Rome”, she said.

Liam was kept on board the aircraft when it landed in Rome and came back to Manchester on the return flight on Tuesday evening.

This one na real life Home Alone



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    home alone boy.

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    Seres Home Alone ooo or mayb we shld change d title lol!


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