For Parents: Disturbing video of 9 year old boy attacking toddlers at daycare

I just watched this video and as a mother I am filled with disgust and fear; my son will be starting daycare in a few months, I was really excited but now I am just filled with fear of what might go on while am off to work. This is a very disturbing video of a nine year old boy punching, kicking, biting and violently shaking a series of young female toddlers and the daycare workers did absolutely nothing.

I can not explain what I just watch, so it’s best you watch it for yourself and please take all measures to protect your children and to inquire than they are being taken care of in daycare or by child minders.



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2 Responses to "For Parents: Disturbing video of 9 year old boy attacking toddlers at daycare"

  1. pat says:

    a classic example of bad parenting! if this boy is not put on the right path by the so called parents i foresee a future rapist,cultist and killer they cant hid the fact that this boy have been exabiting this traits,it unfortunate and parents the with wards at that daycare should sue the management for negligency.


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