Funke Akindele Oloyede Set to Launch a HIV/AIDS TV Programme

Our most adored newly wed Nollywood actress Funke a.k.a Jennifa has decided to launch a TV programme to tackle the stigma of HIV/AIDS and educate people more on the disease. The actress is not new to the fight against HIV/AIDS as the movie Jennifa was produced and directed by the actress to stress the same thing.

The actress lost a friend to the disease and believes that if the lady had been forth coming in seeking help, her death could have been avoided. A lot of people with this disease are often victims of hate crimes and neglect both from their family and the outside world, some of them to afraid of the disease to help or to quick to judge the carrier. This is why the programme will tackle the issue of stigmatization against carriers of the virus and educate people more on it.



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  1. jummyjos says:

    Nice 1 my roles model. I pride u.


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