Giuliana Rancic opens up about breast cancer and her baby

E! presenter, Giuliana Rancic has it rough recently. First, she had been trying to get pregnant but to no avail and then she suddenly learnt she had breast cancer. But instead of keeping her tragedy to herself, Giuliana Rancic decided to share her lowest moments on TV in her reality show Giuliana And Bill. She is now expecting a baby boy via a surrogate and spoke about how she hit rock bottom before bouncing back to her happiest.

She explained:

I was at the lowest – I’d just been diagnosed with breast cancer, I’d been trying to have a baby for four years and I think sometimes you have to get to your darkest point in life and then the brightest light just appears and that’s when the good news come. I didn’t realise that I was going to have trouble having a baby and get breast cancer? I didn’t realise I was going to have to face these things. And so when I did, I thought ‘Why don’t we share these stories because they can help people?’ Just when you think it’s never going to happen, it happens.’

On October 17, 2011, Giuliana revealed she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a lumpectomy followed by radiation before undergoing a double mastectomy. At the time of diagnosis the TV presenter had been in her third cycle of IVF treatment. Giuliana and Bill didn’t give up on their dream to have a child and decided to have egg retrieval and they found a surrogate. The pair are due to welcome their baby boy later this summer.



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