Inside JayZ, Beyonce & Blue Ivy’s $400k holiday home

Superstar couple – JayZ & Beyonce welcomed their first child – Blue Ivy Carter – into the world in January and they are sparing no costs to ensure that Blue Ivy enjoys her first summer. The couple will be renting this palatial 31,000 square-foot home in the exclusive Hamptons district to get their baby away from the hustle and bustle of New York City just for the month of August. And guess how much it’d cost them – $400,000 just for a month. See pictures of the amazing house below;



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One Response to "Inside JayZ, Beyonce & Blue Ivy’s $400k holiday home"

  1. Kamana Mishengo says:

    contrats beyonce and jay z for your new bouncing baby girl blue ivy. I love u baby girl.


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