Senator Florence Ita Giwa’s daughter celebrates 21st birthday

Senator Florence Ita Giwa threw a grand 21st birthday for her daughter, Koko Ita Giwa, on July 21 2012 at the Oriental hotel. Koko recently graduated from the University of Essex in the UK.



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7 Responses to "Senator Florence Ita Giwa’s daughter celebrates 21st birthday"

  1. Iam Fafa says:

    the girl is pretty.

  2. Femi Sobowale says:

    The girl's very gorgeous…she had an amazing blast.

  3. Peter Abhulimen says:

    It’s nice to know that little Koko has just turned 21 this year, congrats on your graduation from Essex.
    My question to Sen. Florence Ita-Giwa, with all that has become and still happening to occupants of Bakassi peninsula, what are you doing to correct the mistakes you made during your tenure by letting go of that peninnsula and putting Nigerians there in hardship?


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