Girls!!! Be wary of hair extensions…

This week, model – Naomi Campbell was thrown into the spotlight as pictures emerged of her receding hairline. Well, she’s not the only one who’s had to pay the price for wearing hair extensions too often. Here are some pictures that show just what could happen to your hair.

Alexandra Burke

Naomi Campbell

Coleen Rooney (Wayne Rooney's wife)

Britney Spears


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  • miss Fash.

    Not everyone gets hair loss from excessive weaves wearing, there r hormonal causes and it culd be hereditary, so please stop wit the generalisation and judging.

    • Anonymous

      Miss Fash, y re u so burnt. The article says nothing about generalising or judging anyone. It only says Be wary…. Are u sure ur hairline isn’t receding cuz u seem to be taking this too personal luv, chill out