‘I’m not a bad guy': Nigerian fraudster APOLOGISES after conning new bride out of £300 wedding dress

A devastated mother-of-four has received an apology from an online fraudster who conned her out of her £300 wedding dress.
Sarah-Jane Green, from North Yorkshire, had wanted to keep her dress after marrying fiancee David last month, but decided to sell it because she needed money to pay household bills.

After she realised the African conman had used a fake PayPal account and she had wasted £100 on postage, Mrs Green emailed him to express her fury. The 33-year-old was amazed when she received an apology from the Nigerian for tricking her into giving away the handmade dress.
He wrote:

‘Am sorry, (I) am not a bad guy. I don’t know why am doing all this and I want to change, but it’s difficult to do… who is gonna feed me?

‘I have a conscience for what am doing and I fear God.

‘I know if I don’t stop I will end up in hell.’

Mrs Green, from Catterick Garrison, had posted her dress on the Gumtree website and was then contacted by the conman who claimed he wanted to buy it. He sent a fake Paypal email saying the money had been deposited and would be released into Mrs Green’s account once the item had been posted. It was only after paying more than £100 to post the dress overseas that the mother-of-four realised she had been conned.

However, officials refused to stop the dress being sent to Africa, despite the package remaining in the branch. She said:

‘I feel absolutely heartbroken.

‘It was such a hard decision to sell it in the first place and now I have got no dress and have spent £105 on postage.

‘I contacted the police and the Post Office, but nobody was able to help me.’

In frustration, Mrs Green emailed the fraudster telling him what she thought of him. The conman has said he will return the dress, although Mrs Green is not hopeful the pledge is genuine. Police said officers contacted the post office to stop the package, but were told they needed a Home Office warrant. The officer was told a warrant was unlikely to be issued for a wedding dress.

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