Movie Review: Sinking Sands starring Jimmy Jean Louis, Yomi Blaq

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Title of the film: Sinking Sands

Lead actors: Ama K Abrebrese, Jimmy Jean Louis, Yomi Blaq

Director: Leila Djansi

Plot overview/Synopsis
Jimah and Pabi are a match made in heaven until a domestic accident turns their loving marriage into one of violence and abuse. Time to make decisions is here. Pabi, the woman at the center of the controversy must choose between love and life, companionship and independence. What will she choose? What will you choose? Sinking Sands cuts across race and sex. It demands answers. It demands self evaluation from individuals in all types of bondage. Especially WOMEN.


The story isn’t your typical ‘boy meets girl and falls in love,’ it offers a twist to it. The ‘twist’ is very relevant to today’s society where love seems to be the order of the day. The movie had the right amount of suspense and the execution of the scenes was brilliant. The director did an excellent job in presenting events in the story; there was hardly any scene that was unnecessary. From the setting, lightening, editing, to set design, costume, all the elements worked brilliantly well together.

All the actors and actresses played out their roles so well. Jimmy Jean Louis did an excellent job with his character. The switch from the loving, caring, romantic to the extremely frustrated, angry character was superb… He played both personalities so well it became believable and I’m wondering if some of the other acts had to step up their game. Whatever it was that happened, it worked!!! Ama Abrebrese brought her character to life so much I started weeping at some point.

The only thing I think that could have been improved upon in the movie was the lack of background music. At some stage, I had to wake myself up not because the story wasn’t captivating enough but just because of the silence that carried on throughout the movie. Probably, some extra upbeat scenes would have helped. The soundtrack for the movie, however while the credits were running, was good.

The Ghallywood + Nollywood + Hollywood collaboration works. We need more like this. I would gladly recommend this movie



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