Dakore Akande issues statement; confirms she’s back to acting

When Dakore Akande (nee Egbuson) got married a few years ago, rumours went round claiming that her acting career had ended as her husband – Olu Akande and his family did not support her chosen career path. She recently issued a statement to clear the air regarding these claims.

Dakore is currently working on a new movie titled 'Journey to Self'

“I want to use this medium to clear the air. I don’t know why they went ahead to say because I became a wife my career was over. That is a very archaic way of thinking. Women these day and age work. We have responsibilities. But I didn’t say anything because if I react to everything one says about me, I won’t have time to do anything with my life. I am an actor but having a family is more important to me, and I am very sure my fans appreciate that. I considered my fans and I said to myself when my daughter is old enough, I would come back to the movie industry. She’s almost one now. I am back to acting and my husband supports me returning to it 100%. If he was not supporting me, I would not be doing it.” – Dakore Egbuson Akande



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  1. josephine says:

    i like this girl with all my heart


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