Fans in California & Canada vent over cancellation of Wizkid’s concert; call Banky W & EME fraudsters

Fans in Oakland California have expressed their disappointment over the sudden cancellation of Wizkid’s concert that was set to hold on August 17, alongside his tour of North America. EME boss – Banky W made the announcement on Twitter on the 14th of August, 2012.

Sources claim that Banky W & his crew knew they weren’t going to make the concert right from the start but didn’t tell the promoter and they also claim this isn’t the first time it’s happening. A while ago, Wizkid was meant to perform in Maryland but cancelled very close to the concert date claiming that he wasn’t granted an American Visa. The following screenshots show the conversation between a friend of Banky W who was aware that the show was never going to hold and her friend

So much planning and preparation went into promoting and hyping the show to ensure a large turnout therefore a lot of fans have been left disappointed and angry. Banky is sticking to his story that ‘something big came up’ as the reason behind the cancellation of the concerts. Some fans claim not to have received their refunds, even though Banky has assured everyone on Twitter that “All refunds will be handled from the point of sale. If it was on the internet, ur acct will be credited the amount in full.” Explaining the sudden cancellation, Banky posted the following;

One of the organizers of the tour and the head promoter, Royal Entertainment, Azazel Nobel, subsequently expressed his displeasure with the cancellation and responded with a post on the social media platform.

Man how one label can just destroy concerts in Cali for a long time to come.. Nobody will believe any promoter doing a concert for a while. Oh so it’s out of Control when it comes to California and Canada but when it comes to DC/ATL/Chicago control full ground. Man we got played. Lemme tell u what pisses me off bout this..they told us they wanted a thousand ppl in the buildin 4 the concert. That’s why we were promoting like rapture was bout to come lol.. I’m not sure there are even a 1000k Africans with Visas in Cali. So after all that promo dem wan leave us with “somethinghugecameup”… Cancel all your tours and leave.. Cancel EVERYTHING!! Shey something came up? hit up ATL/CHICAGO/DC tell em the same thing” he vented.

The tour was put together by Royal Entertainment, DJ Slim and EME. The tour was meant to  also feature Wizkid’s label mate Skales and an affiliate Rotimi.

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