Guilty or Not Guilty: Top 25 Beauty Blunders

According to a recent study in the UK, here’s a list of the top 25 beauty blunders people commit. See if you’re guilty of any of these.

1. Heavily pencilled eyebrows

2. Foundation marks around the chin

3. Trout pouts 

The result of over inflating lips with collagen. Lips may also resemble sausages or a baloon sculpture. lips with collagen injected to make them plumper, particularly when it goes wrong and then your lips look like a fish

4. Over-plucking of eyebrows

5. Dark lip-liner with pale lipstick

6. Palms of hands going orange from not washing after applying tan

7. Monobrow

8. Greasy hair

9. Hairy legs

10. Lipstick on teeth

11. Too much make-up

12. Yellow teeth

13. Too much blush

14. Yellow hard skin on feet

15. Gems stuck onto your tooth

16. Lip liner outside the edge of the lips

17. Bad hair extensions

18. Clumpy mascara

19. Gelling hair to your face in swirls

20. Pierced finger nails

21. Fake beauty spots

22. Sunburn

23. Roots showing 

24. Panda eyes from sunbathing in sunglasses

25.  Wearing make-up in bed



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