CBN set to introduce N5000 note

The Central Bank of Nigeria announced this evening that it will introduce N5, 000 notes into the system. Contrary to speculations that CBN planned to use Nigeria’s late former president, Umar Musa Yar’adua’s picture on the note, it has now been announced that the faces of three late prominent Nigerian female activists will be used on the new notes which will be launched next year. The women are:

1. Margaret Ekpo: late politician and social mobilizer (1914 – 2006)
2. Hajia Gambo Sawaba: late politician and activist (1933 – 2001)
3. Funmilayo Kuti: lte politician and women’s right activist (1900 -1978)

They also plan to convert the N5, N10 and N20 notes to coins next year

Do you think this is a good idea?



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22 Responses to "CBN set to introduce N5000 note"

  1. Tboy says:

    Why is he playing with our currency? every year new change.i think cbn boss want us to notice him that all.oga sanu we notice you clap for yourself welldone.

  2. Bitty says:

    SO this news is true? Who is Hajiya Gambo? Never heard of her. Each of these women deserve a note in their own right. They should remove notes with military dictators and replace them with the women instead of puting them all on one note

  3. Honourable Mike says:

    not a Good idea at all, if you people have to convert N5, N10 and N20 notes to coins, then you people should bring out what that N5, N10, AND N20 Coins will buy, I Guess you all have something to benefit on this printing and converting Nigerian Money.

  4. juliet ken says:

    i think this idea of changing 10-20 naira to coins is not good because it will be reducing Nigerian currency the more instead is better to start using 50kobo nd 1naira. i
    f cbn do that it means that 50-200 naira will be like10-20 naira nd within a short time they will stop using that 10-20 naira coins like 50kobo nd 1 naira.

  5. ugo chukwu ogbodo says:

    I just want our leadres to consider the concept and what will be the out come of the lives of the poor at the near future of our country. There’s no need to that change now . We will killing our naira, just the way kobo was killed. CBN… You must think and think right. One Nigeria ..

  6. kissi says:

    Na wa o…..abeg make them no change our note ..

  7. Agbeja Olajumoke says:

    This is not right. They just want to destroy our economy

  8. Tosin says:

    Bye_bye to 5000note!!! what a mighty God we serve.

  9. Ijidai says:

    this is madness, there are time i give drivers 1000 naira notes and will take us minutes to find change. what will then happen if its 5000?


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