K-Solo and wife apologise to fans over purported fight…saying “we were acting”

Remember the news about ace musician and producer, K-Solo’s wife claiming he was a wife beater and a gold digger. Click here if you missed it. Kikelomo even released pictures showing her bruised face on the internet and granted a number of interviews. K-Solo also released a statement explaining that he had never laid his hands on Kike however, he also mentioned that they had their trials & tribulations within their marriage that they both had to overcome together. The couple have now denied all of this drama saying it was all an act and that they were having fun and ‘playing pranks on their fans and the media.’

In an exclusive session with Channels Television entertainment desk, ‘The K-Solos’ as the couple have chosen to be called, cheerfully denied the wife battery allegation, that went viral in June. Earlier this year, Kikelomo stated that K-Solo allegedly beats and steals from her. Popular blogger – Linda Ikeji said she received phone calls from people in police stations and also several other people from Kike’s camp while the whole drama was going on.

But during the interview with Channels, pregnant Kikelomo apologised to all their fans and promised to release a movie-for the cinema’s only-on the pranks and how they evolved. The movie which will be titled ‘Lo ba tan’ will feature an expected Prince K-Solo (the royal son of K-Solo royalty) and the likes of Funke Akindele and many others Nollywood acts. She referred to her husband as ‘Oba (Oba) K-Solo’ and named herself ‘Olori (Queen) K-Solo’

Mrs K-Solo also gave a special apology to her mother-in-law and sisters-in-law, whose homes she claimed she invaded while the ‘purported fight prank’ lasted. Watch the video below;

Hmmmm, ok o!!! Who plays such pranks in this day and age…Besides, watch the video closely and observe Kikelomo’s face while K-Solo explains the ‘prank,’ she doesn’t look too impressed and keeps rubbing her baby bump… I hope for her sake this was really a prank sha… cuz quite a few people think something’s not right here.


Kike posted the following messages on her Twitter page today (28th of August 2012). Me, I don’t understand this whole thing… What is she now saying again.



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One Response to "K-Solo and wife apologise to fans over purported fight…saying “we were acting”"

  1. Ebele says:

    this is soooo not true,it ws nt a prank,dey jst want to cover up d mess dey hv done,its nt our biz anywaiz bt hope he doesnt beat her to death later on in future…………


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