Nigeria is the world’s next economic success story – Obama

The president of the United States of America, Barack Obama, has asserted that the progress of Africa is invariably linked to Nigeria’s. He also emphasized that Nigeria was the world’s next economic success story and that is why the US government is doing all it can to assist its Nigerian counterpart in removing barriers to trade and investments. Obama made this known at the ongoing US-Nigeria Trade and Investment Forum, which is being put together by the Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation (NIDOA), in the US capital, Washington DC, where he was represented by Ambassador Eunice Roddick.

“As we support these efforts, the Diaspora can play an important role in contributing to a strong, vibrant and economically prosperous Nigeria” he said. He also noted that the US, will assist the Nigerian government, as it seeks to diversify its economy from oil to other sectors like agriculture. The successes of the US-Nigeria Bi-national agreement noting the joint Commission’s achievements in the integration of civil society during the last general elections and other key developments were also highlighted.

“Some key outcomes of the Bi-national Commission so far have been successful integration of civil society into the electoral process prior to the 2011 elections, sustained and elevated dialogue with energy sector officials on energy policy, reforms to increase investment, and agreement to support the development of a civil affairs training centre in the coming year,” he reportedly said. “Energy and Investment, the subject of one of the four working groups of the Bi-national Commission, is critical to Nigeria’s present and future.”



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