Nike Oshinowo – Soleye explains why she does not attend church services

Former beauty queen – Mrs Nike Soleye (nee Oshinowo) has explained her reason for not going to church anymore. Read below;

“Anytime I enter a church, people are always quick to notice me and some may not even concentrate on the service anymore as I always become the center of attraction in such cases. And this also distracts me. Therefore I have preferred to stay at home and worship God, rather than to keep causing unnecessary distractions in church.”

I see her point somehow sha!!!



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13 Responses to "Nike Oshinowo – Soleye explains why she does not attend church services"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Daz nt xcuse. Ur goin to church to worship ur God so 4get wat ppl do.

  2. winnie says:

    wen i saw dis post i was expectin to c a mouth dropin beauty but to my dismay i saw a random look.y wont she go to church datz her biz mayb she wont go to heaven coz of

  3. Anonymous says:

    That’s the dumbest excuse i’ve heard in a while. she’s so vain. No be say she too fine. If ure talking abt attractiveness talk of women like Caroline Danjuma, or Omo sexy cos of her shape. Those are people that would distract people in church when they walk in.

  4. Adizua vivian says:

    My dear,church is a thing of d heart ooo! Don’t mind those luk luk. Whether one goes 2 church or not does not count but let her ignore them start church service cos on the last day, God will not take excuses.

  5. josephine says:

    that is not an excuse even the king and queens go to church why not u

  6. darllyton says:

    pls go to house hold (chris okotie chuch) cos alot of tv stars are there and pple there are use to celebraty so you will not be notice at all


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