Illegal cross-dressing butt implant ‘doctor’ jailed for murdering woman

A cross-dressing man was charged with murder of a woman who he gave an illegal butt implant. Morris Garner, who dresses like a woman and calls himself Tracey Lynn Garner, was charged with depraved-heart murder meaning he had a callous disregard for the life of his victim. Garner is charged with the death of Karima Gordon, who paid $200 and travelled from Atlanta, Georgia to Morris’ Jackson, Mississippi home to receive the treatment. Mississippi attorney general Jim Hood said that Garner had no training or official license to carry out that type of procedure.

Ms Gordon died several days after the injection took place in late March 2011. It is yet to be determined whether or not the implant that Garner used was real or counterfeit silicone and authorities are urging any other patients who were treated by Garner to come forward. Garner appeared in court on Tuesday wearing the court-ordered yellow jumpsuit and had his hair up in a ponytail. While Garner said that he had undergone gender reassignment surgery, he was booked into court as a man. According to the Associated Press, Ms Gordon had previously served in the military but was working as an adult entertainer at the time of her death. Investigators determined that she got in touch with Garner, who worked as a floral and interior designer alongside his makeshift cosmetic business, through a person known only as Pebbles.



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