Royal observer can’t believe how Kate Middleton ‘could have been so daft.’

Nude pictures of Kate Middleton, which have since gone viral, were published in a French magazine ‘Closer’ yesterday. The pictures show a nude Kate and Prince William sunbathing while on holiday in France. The couple have since sued the French magazine for publishing the pictures. However, while some believe the pictures should not have been published and shouldn’t be anyone’s business as they were away on a private holiday, others believe Kate should have been more discreet. Here’s a view held by a royal observer, who seems to think ‘Kate should have known better;’ the article also states that William should have insisted that Kate kept her top on while they were outside. Read the article below and let us know if you agree or disagree.

As shockingly intimate topless photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge hit the press, in many  ways my heart goes out to her. I have no doubt that the past 24 hours have seen Kate engulfed in a whirlwind of difficult emotions. She will deplore any suggestion that she has brought the Royal Family into disrepute and has no doubt felt mortification, fury and everything else in between. From the moment the French magazine, Closer, hit the news-stands yesterday, the photos of Kate went viral on the internet. How awful for her that the world and his wife now have a chance to see our future Queen semi-naked. 

Poor Kate. But, brush aside that sympathy for a moment. Brush aside the memories these pictures bring back of Diana and her treatment by the paparazzi. The simple question is: How could the Duchess have been so daft? She is not Kate Moss. She is Kate Middleton. And, as our future Queen, I’m afraid we expect her to use a bit more common sense. Even though she’s young and beautiful and no doubt eager to get an all-over tan, we expect her never to put herself in a position where she loses her dignity. That means there is absolutely no room for risk-taking. And that means not lying semi-naked on a pool terrace a thousand yards from a public road in a country with the most ruthless paparazzi in the world. 

Quite simply, this ghastly situation should never have happened. And only two people could have stopped it. The Duke and  Duchess themselves. I know I may sound harsh. It may sound unfair. But Kate isn’t like the rest of us. And, with his long experience of the foreign press – and particularly in light of his mother’s experiences – William should have advised her better. This, after all, was a classic situation that we have seen all too many times before when young members of the Royal Family go abroad and let their guard down.

Coming just weeks after Prince Harry was photographed naked, cavorting with young women during a game of strip-billiards in a Las Vegas hotel room, this incident will sadly raise all sorts of questions in Britain and abroad about the calibre of this new generation of royals. How very unfortunate when Kate has proved such a huge hit with the British public and has rightly been consistently praised for rarely, if ever, putting a foot wrong. Prince William has made no secret of the fact that he is furious. Not with his beloved wife, but with the foreign paparazzi who invaded their privacy. 

I think we all know that Kate is not the sort of young woman who would want the world to see her topless. She is guilty at most for being desperately naive. She is undoubtedly also feeling very guilty for embarrassing the Queen. The publicity couldn’t have come at a worse moment – as the Cambridges are almost midway though a hugely successful tour on behalf of the Queen to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee.

When the photos emerged, they were in Malaysia before travelling on to Borneo and then the South Pacific. Malaysia is a largely Muslim country with laws on public decency which makes the timing even more awkward. But the blunt truth is that the couple should have realised that – however secluded they felt – they weren’t safe from long-lens cameras and they should have acted accordingly. William should have said: ‘Darling, the ghastly truth is that you aren’t safe anywhere. The best thing is to keep your top on.’

Chateau d’Autet is a magical place, set amid 640 acres of woodland and lavender fields in the Luberon, an area made famous by Peter Mayle’s book, A Year In Provence. But, however remote, it is not safe from paparazzi. And, as William knows only too well, foreign paparazzi are particularly ruthless. After all, William’s mother was caught out time and again on holiday. When Diana was snapped topless on a balcony in Spain, the devastated teenage prince pleaded with her: ‘Please, tell me it’s not true.’ To protect Diana, the owner of Hello! magazine, Eduardo Sanchez Junco, reportedly bought the photos and refused to publish them. But the pain ran deep.

On another occasion, paparazzi snapped William and Harry playing beside the pool with their mother at the holiday home of Paddy McNally, former boyfriend of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. These larky, intimate photos were also suppressed. The venue? A villa in the south of France. And, of course, Sarah Ferguson herself was caught out in the most humiliating manner imaginable when photographs of her boyfriend, John Bryan, sucking her toes surfaced in 1992. The venue was once again… a villa in the south of France. Princess Margaret’s tart comment summed it up: ‘We’ve got plenty of houses. If you don’t want to be seen and photographed, you don’t have to be.’

You can’t blame Kate for wanting to be normal and enjoy a relaxing break with her husband. But the couple are privileged to have plenty of glorious places to choose from where they can enjoy total privacy – where a photographer would not be able to get within a square mile of them. One of the saddest parts of this whole saga is the damage this will cause to William’s already fragile relationship with the British press. It isn’t fair – after all, British photographers weren’t involved – and no British paper would have carried the pictures. But I fear it’s inevitable.

William is utterly charming to the press on the surface. But deep down he loathes them as he has been forever scarred by the tangled love-hate relationship Diana had with photographers. By the end of her life, Diana was so paranoid she actually feared photographers might be hiding under her bed. With such traumatic memories of his mother, it is little wonder that today William is a very angry young man, desperate to protect his wife.

But, while we would all wish it otherwise, the truth is that Kate has signed up to a life which, for all its privileges, does not allow risk-taking of any kind. And taking her top off was a risk she could – and should –  have avoided.

So what do you think?



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