Is he/she really Irreplaceable???

While I was back home, I was totally hooked on every edition of Totally Whole (TW) magazine. I saw this article and thought I’d share it with you all. It was written by Vanessa Ebelike and published in TW’s Volume 1, No5 which had on its cover Nollywood’s Genevieve Nnaji.


Beyonce’s hit track ‘Irreplaceable’ tells the story of a woman in a relationship that kicks out her man because he had been cheating on her. The man on the other hand feels he is irreplaceable and that she can’t do without him. She proves him wrong by throwing him out.

Are you in a similar situation where your man or woman is cheating on you and you don’t know what to do? Do you think that if you let him go then you’ll be a spinster for life or that he/she is God’s gift to you and you can’t loose him/her? Wake up from your slumber pal because there are many fishes in the ocean. Don’t ever settle for less. Celebrating life begins with appreciating who you are. So don’t live in pain and misery. Life’s too short!!

Agreed; Nobody’s perfect. But when you are in an unhappy relationship, you are in for big trouble. It will not only affect your emotions but signs of depression, low self-esteem, sadness, and so many other vices will fill you up, and it will tell on your physical appearance. If you’ve been considering leaving your relationship but you don’t know what you should do, here are some things you should ponder on. They will help you decide and pick up courage to tell that cheating man/woman to take a walk.

  • Be realistic. If you’re being abused, hurt, cheated on or lied to, it’s time to get out
  • Think about the future you’re creating. If your partner is jealous, obsessive, possessive or overly emotional, consider the extra burden you are carrying in dealing with those behaviors
  • Is he a shameless flirt? Is she bossy? Demanding? Insecure? These are more signs of a rocky road ahead
  • Do you truly enjoy each other’s company, or do you find yourself relieved whenever you part company? If the latter is your case, think again
  • Evaluate your role in maintaining the relationship. If you feel as if you’re doing all the work, it’s time to talk or walk.
  • Does he promise to call and then forgets? Is she terminally late? Be honest with yourself

How did that go? He/She needs to go right? Don’t worry. Its for your own good. Don’t loose a wink of sleep as Beyonce said in her song. Give yourself time to heal after ending that relationship and get a replacement that is worth your time. Don’t forget – nobody is irreplacable.

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  1. joker says:

    Been dere, done dat and twas worth letting go…


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