Stephanie Okereke-Linus shares tips on getting the woman of your dreams

Nollywood actress, Stephanie Okereke-Linus shared the following post on her blog (Stephanie Daily) educating men on how to get a good woman. You just might learn a thing or two. Read her post below;

Ok! I’m jumping into the pool with this one. LOL! Since the blog started and people are getting a hang of what our focus-on-content is all about, we’ve been getting loads of emails on this-and-that. So I’ll take it one by one. Men have been asking: “how do I get a good woman?” Here are 5 tips that can help…

  • Get a job: A busy man is a very attracted kind. When you have a job it gives you a certain kind of confidence that completes your masculinity. As a man, you want to be in control, and financial strength gives you the ability to be in charge. Women do not take jobless men seriously; and having a job doesn’t necessarily mean you are locked up in an office, you could run your own business – no matter how small initially as long as there are prospects of growth, and a healthy sense of ambition.
  • Be a gentleman: A gentleman means you do not kiss-and-tell, you do not hit a woman, you do not lose your temper unnecessarily, you do not get drunk, you do not act out your frustration inappropriately. A gentleman walks out of a relationship with the lessons he has learnt and his head held high – he is not vindictive and doesn’t keep a grudge; he attends to the emotions of women with care and consideration. He doesn’t act like a tout or make certain decisions that would harm another person. Nature always honours a man of that kind because they are rare species.
  • Look good: Exercise. Lose the tummy fat. Wear cologne. Dress appropriately. Keep your breath fresh. Cut your nails. And smile. You can never go wrong looking suave. Like bees to honey, women will run towards you!
  • Be spiritual: Have the covering of God upon your life. There’s just something sublime about a man that knows God. It’s in his eyes, his thoughts, they words that come out from his mouth, his attention to details, the way he attends to crises… there’s a glow to his presence; it’s like a magnet that pulls the right people to him. And with God, he has a discerning spirit to make the right choices out of life. Not that he is perfect, but he is made whole – in God.
  • Be the Head: A man who can fix things, solve problems, run his life properly and those in his care shows great maturity and he becomes wanted by women! Learn how to be useful. Men want women who can cook and take charge domestically, and women want men who can fix appliances and make lasting decisions that they (women) can put their trust in! No woman wants a boy who isn’t sure where his next meal is coming from or what the nearest future holds. Women want to submit to men who can direct their path towards a course that leads to promise.

What else do you think? Let’s hear it!



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4 Responses to "Stephanie Okereke-Linus shares tips on getting the woman of your dreams"

  1. felix says:

    That’s perfect.

  2. Chadreque says:

    I am so much impressed by the way you approach sexuality (men’s), it potrays women’s realistic feelings and imaginations of an ideal ‘MAN’ Thanks Stephannie, we’ll do that


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