Nigerian minicab driver who owns £1million mansion in Lekki risks jail sentence for benefit fraud

A minicab driver who claimed he was earning just £700 a month but was living a luxury of life in his Nigerian mansion, has been ordered to pay almost £1.2million. Ovo Mayomi and his wife Juliet Ubiribo were convicted of fraud in 2010 after using an identity and immigration scam to falsely claim £43,000 in benefits. 44 year old Mayomi claimed he was earning £700 a month and was living in Croydon, south London, while his 32 year old wife claimed benefits after telling benefit bosses she was a single mother and a victim of domestic violence.

Fraud investigators found Mayomi and his wife were actually living in a large luxurious house in Lekki worth more than £1million complete with chandeliers and £89,000 worth of sound equipment. He also had a £25,000 watch; his wife wore a Rolex watch and drove a Mercedes Sport Coupi. A judge has ordered Mayomi to pay £1,197,743.54 in a confiscation order under the Proceeds Of Crime Act, or go to prison for six years. As well as two money-transferring businesses and bank accounts, investigators also discovered Mayomi owned a fish farm in the country. The couple’s benefit scam unravelled when a visa application by Mayomi showed they had married a year earlier and that Ubiribo had a job in order to support him.

See pictures of Mayomi’s house in Lekki below

Source: Daily Mail



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