FG Launches Job Scheme to create 370,000 Jobs

Yesterday, President Goodluck Jonathan made good on his promise to provide jobs for the unemployed Nigerian youths when he launched the Public Works and Women/Youths Employment (PW/WYE) project which is targeting 370,000 jobs in the 36 states of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). (News according to Thisday Newspaper)

Well Done Mr President!



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One Response to "FG Launches Job Scheme to create 370,000 Jobs"

  1. Hassan Hamza says:

    well done sir, may Lord help you to actualise this great dream.I am one of those who want to partake in that opportunities. I graduated since 2006 still hopping for that miracle/wonderful to have gainful employment though believe in God. Bravo Bravo top Mr president


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